Notifying Your Instructor

Under university policy, any student requiring accommodations due to a documented disability must provide the instructor of the course notification of needed accommodations no later than five business days prior to the use of the accommodations. Please follow these steps to notify your instructors of a need for accommodations:

  1. Meet with someone from Student Disability Services to determine appropriate accommodations.
  2. Follow the steps given to you by Student Disability Services to send out electronic notices to your instructors.
  3. If you are using testing accommodations, then five school days before using these accommodations you must speak with your instructor, reminding him or her that you require accommodations; clarify with your instructor at that time where you will be taking your exam.

If these steps are not all followed or not followed in a timely manner, then accommodations may not be available when you would like to use them. In situations where fewer than five days notice is given, the instructor is encouraged, but not obligated, to provide accommodations. The instructor will determine, in consultation with the Testing Center in the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning, whether these accommodations can be met.