Professional Development Committee

The Student Affairs Professional Development Committee provides opportunities and resources to enrich the professional growth of staff members through a wide range of development opportunities to

  • Provide opportunities for staff to develop professional skills.
  • Increase staff connection with campus resources.
  • Help employees grow within their profession by progressing toward their professional career goals.
  • Create a sense of belonging.


NASPA & ACPA Professional Competencies

  • Personal and Ethical Foundations
  • Values, Philosophy, and History
  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Research 
  • Law, Policy, and Governance
  • Organizational and Human Resource
  • Leadership
  • Social Justice and Inclusion
  • Student Learning and Development 
  • Technology
  • Advising and Supporting

Spring 2021 Opportunities

Linked In Learning

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging For All Learning Path

  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities inherent in working in diverse organizations. This transformative learning path reviews current thinking and best practices on essential topics such as bias in all of its forms, cultural competence, communication, allyship, and accountability.

Developing your Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional intelligence can help you build effective relationships at work. Executive coach and organizational psychologist Gemma Roberts explains what emotional intelligence is and why it's important. She helps you become more self-aware so that you can identify triggers that may hijack your performance. She also helps you align your intentions and your impact so that you can build strong and collaborative relationships.

Koru Mindfulness 

  • Learn mindfulness & meditation. 
    • 4-week Koru Mindfulness course with free access to the Koru App and receive a copy of "The Mindful Twenty-Something" book. 
    • To sign up, click here. Or email Dayna Browning for more information

Institute for Policy, Ethics, and Culture (IPEC)

  • Justice in Transition Virtual Speaker Event:  “Justice in Transition” recognizes the need to address injustice and reach for outcomes that aim for reparative, just, and meaningful change. The series features a variety of speakers and performances from people who actively address systemic injustices of the past and present and advocate for change that enables us to all rise together. Registration is required

Articles of Interest





Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion