Social Sciences

History Research

Faculty Areas of Interests
Experimental Archaeology; Early Large scale iron production; Roman and Anglo-Saxon England; Rise of socially complex societies; International program development
The historical interaction between technological change, uses of the environment, and systems of governance ; Adaptive governance; Sustainable energy and environmental policy
Environmental Change and Life Course Epidemiology; Urban Environments and Population Health; PPGIS; Applications of GIS for Historical Research; Qualitative GIS; Deindustrialization and Shrinking Cities; Time-Space Integration and Modeling in GIS; Demography and Historical Record Linkage; Sense of Place and Neighborhood Construction
Toxics, forested watersheds, and northern lakes; Environmental history; Watershed change and water quality; Mining history
History of Technology; Environmental History; Architectural History; Industrial Archeology; History of the Organization of Industrial Enterprises
History of Globalization; Economic History; History of Imperialism and Colonialism; International Business Organization; Commodity Studies; History of Food
Spatial, material, and experiential aspects of social power in industrial communities; Historical GIS for Community-Engaged Scholarship; American Vernacular Architecture and Material Culture Studies; Public History, Historic Preservation, and Museums; History of Design, Craft, and Production in the United States; Cultural Landscapes and Historic Architecture of the Keweenaw
history of technology; history of science; artillery, fortification, ordnance; history of engineering; military history; Early Modern European history
Historical and Industrial Archaeology; Archaeology of Capitalism; Class and Inequality; Marxist Theory; Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Management