Graduate Assistant Cost Share (GACS) Program

The Graduate Assistant Cost Share (GACS) program is designed to assist faculty members who seek external support for graduate students in support of the University’s strategic goals.

Program Criteria

GACS matching funds are provided in the form of tuition support for up to two PhD students per proposed project/program and at a maximum level of three credits per student in Fall and Spring Semesters and one credit in Summer Semester.

Sponsored projects receiving GACS matching funds must be budgeted at the full applicable Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost rate and must include stipend and the associated fringe benefits from sponsor funds for each semester of GACS - supported tuition. 

Program Eligibility

Projects or proposed programs seeking GACS funding must meet the following criteria:

  • The proposed program or project includes a significant graduate student training component which are directed to development of technical, operational and transferable professional skills applicable to a range of research and research-related careers in academic and non-academic settings.
  • Institutional commitment / cost share is required or considered to be essential to the competitiveness of the proposal.

Funding Request Process

 Complete the application form and submit to