Registering for Export Controls Compliance Training

Export Controls Compliance Training

Michigan Tech offers several online courses in Export Controls through These courses provide high-quality, peer-reviewed educational resources designed to raise awareness and include instructional modules, case studies, and quizzes. To access these courses, follow the information below.

Accessing CITI Program Training

Creating a New CITI Program Account - Registering

To begin, go to the citiprogram website and click on the register link at the top of the page or the register button under “Create an account.” You will be guided through each of the seven steps in the registration process.

Enter in Michigan Technological University as your Organization Affiliation, then click the check box to agree to the terms of service and affirm that you are affiliated with Michigan Tech. 

Logging Into an Existing CITI Program Account

If you have already taken courses through the CITI training program and are affiliated with Michigan Tech, you do not need to re-register. Simply log in using your existing CITI username and password. 

Enrolling in the Export Compliance CITI Online Course

After creating an account, log in at using your CITI username and password. 

In the upper right hand side, click "My Courses" and this will bring you to your personal welcome page. From the Welcome page, click on the “View Courses” box for Michigan Technological University. Then scroll down to the box “Learner Tools for Michigan Technological University”, and click "Add a Course."

Screenshot of the citti homepage
Snapshot of learner tools resource box

Select curriculum

The CITI training courses offered by Michigan Tech are grouped into five categories:

  1. Human Subjects Research
  2. Responsible Conduct of Research
  3. Animal Research
  4. Biosafety/Biosecurity
  5. Conflicts of Interest / Export Control

Scroll down the page to the category for "Conflicts of Interest / Export Controls" (Question 5), select "Export Controls", and then click the submit button.

Select "Start Now" for to the Export Control training.

Under the "Required Modules", select "Start" for the course "Introduction to Export Compliance" (ID 16800). This is the only training module required. 

If you do not finish the training, the selected course will be added to your list of courses when you return to your welcome page.

Completing your Online Training

Each course contains several modules that can be completed at your own pace. You may want to complete the training in several sessions. The program remembers which modules you have completed. Returning to the site requires signing in with your username and password.

Certifying Completion

After completing Export Compliance training, you are able to download a completion certificate from  It is recommended that you download and save a copy of the completion certificate for your personal records. Also share a record with

Contact if you have questions about completion of Export Compliance training.