Sponsored Programs Office Policy on Mailing of Proposals

Proposals will be mailed to sponsors by the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO). Mailings of proposals will be done at no cost to the Principal Investigator (PI) provided a complete proposal is received by SPO early enough to assure ample time for review and authorization and be ready to mail with a minimum of seven calendar days before the sponsor’s deadline. Such proposals will be mailed by U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Certified Mail.

In the event that there is not adequate time (determined by SPO) to assure that USPS Certified Mail will reach the sponsor on time, SPO will mail the proposal using either UPS second day air or overnight as may be necessary to assure an on time arrival with the cost to be paid by the PI.

At the PI’s request, any proposal can be shipped UPS overnight or second day air provided that the PI supplies SPO with an account number for the cost. Note: An E2 restricted account may NOT be used for such mailings. Mailing costs associated with proposal submissions can only be charged to a general fund or any non-restricted account, or the PI’s incentive account.