Subawards are used only when a collaborator will perform part of the research through intellectual input and co-authoring papers describing research results. If a collaborator is providing a routing service (such as analyzing samples), that service is not a subaward, but must be budgeted as a consultant or professional service.

Subawards or subcontracts are typically part of large multi-institutional proposals per the subrecipient commitment form. Please provide the following information from each collaborating entity:

Letter of collaboration: signed by an official of the institution, describing the work to be performed, the requested funding level and any cost share.

Detailed budget: Prepare the collaborator's budget in the same format required by the sponsor, including appropriate signatures.

Fringe benefit/F&A agreement: This is not required if the collaborating agency is another university. A private entity, however, must provide a rate agreement or documentation to support the rate used.

Scope of work: This may be incorporated into the project narrative or included as a separate section, as long as the collaborator's responsibilities are clearly identified.