Cost Sharing and Matching

Cost sharing and matching include all costs that are not paid by the sponsor. Cost shares and matching funds must be available during the same time period as the sponsor contract. These funds may include:

  1. Institutional matches—This may include matching funds or the university providing a portion of salaries or benefits to project team members. Download the cost/matching support authorization form and the graduate assistant cost share form for details.
  2. External matching and cost sharing—Cash or in-kind support from other organizations must include a written commitment from the provider. The period in which the match is available must coincide with the project.
  3. Required—Some agencies require cost sharing as part of the project. In such cases, the principal investigator should contact the Sponsored Programs Office to develop a cost sharing agreement.

University contributions to cost-sharing, other than release time or matching funds, must receive approval from the vice president for research. The vice president must also approve proposals and contracts containing provisions for reduced Facilities & Administration (F&A) rates, financial contributions not covered by department or college accounts, or implied commitment of university equipment or facility for which the University is not adequately compensated.