Research and Innovation in STEM Education Institute (RISE)

The Research and Innovation in STEM Education Institute (RISE) provides a focus for research activities emphasizing innovative approaches to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education.


The purpose of the RISE Institute is to recognize, strengthen and encourage collaboration in STEM education pedagogy through fundamental and discipline-based education research (DBER).


The Mission of RISE is to build capacity and diversity in STEM disciplines through collaborative networking and interdisciplinary research related to innovative pedagogy and cutting-edge educational practices and programs. RISE collaborates with the William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning to engage students in transformational education opportunities, encourage training and development of educators, and encourage research, assessment and innovation in STEM education.

The RISE Institute will:

  • Develop and serve a community of scholars engaged in fundamental and discipline-based education research
  • Promote collaborations with K-12 schools and educators; other institutions of higher education; and state, regional, and national stakeholders
  • Highlight the education research expertise of RISE faculty
  • Contribute to the Graduate Certificate in STEM Education and future graduate program development in the area of STEM Education
  • Act as a hub for DBER research centers that may be developed in the future
  • Provide methodological expertise and assessment for educational components of grants.

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