Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI)

A train


The Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI) will provide the operating structure, resources, recognition, and leadership, in a collaborative environment, that supports research, education, and outreach leading to sustainable solutions for transportation.

MTTI is an umbrella organization bringing together the cross-disciplinary centers and principle investigators conducting transportation-related research and education initiatives that address national and global needs. Principal Investigators conduct transportation research under MTTI within six transportation-focused areas: 

  • Transportation Structures including bridges, pavements, and pipelines. Other related areas include geotechnical, construction, and nanotechnology related to sensors.
  • Transportation Materials including concrete, asphalt, steel, wood, and aggregates. Other related areas include construction, geotechnical, and nanotechnology related to sensors and materials.
  • Transportation Systems including waterways, traffic/safety, construction, rail, air, public transportation, freight, intelligent transportation systems, vehicle infrastructure integration, nanotechnology related to sensors, and radio frequency identification devices.
  • Environmental Aspects of Transportation including environmental impacts, energy, carbon dioxide and other pollutants, fugitive dust, wildlife, flora and fauna, and carbon credits.
  • Social Aspects of Transportation including policy, planning, human factors, history, economics, and archeology.
  • Transportation Technology Transfer including all outreach, management systems, and workforce development programs.

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