Institute for Policy, Ethics, and Culture

The Institute for Policy, Ethics, and Culture (IPEC) addresses the policy implications, ethical considerations, and cultural significance of the massive changes and disruptive forces currently underway. By bringing policy, ethics, and culture into the center of inquiry, IPEC creates collaborations on topics key to understanding technocultural change: issues such as algorithmic culture, medicine, biotechnology, and ethics; technology and autonomy; surveillance and privacy; and reconfiguring human relationships in and with a changing environment. IPEC brings together faculty and staff from diverse departments to collaborate on and support research, policy, and teaching that responds to the changing technological environment.


The mission of the Institute for Policy, Ethics, and Culture is to promote research, policy engagement, and teaching that address the ethical and cultural challenges, implications, and strategies unique to the emerging technocultural environment.


Research - To promote innovative research and collaboration on policy, ethics, and culture.

Policy - To contribute to policy making in Michigan and beyond.

Teaching - To provide students with tools to work proactively in the emerging environment.

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