Institute of Materials Processing (IMP)

A man standing near a stack of petri dishes.

The Institute for Material Processing (IMP) exists to provide, maintain, and encourage partnerships for the use of facilities supporting synthesis, processing, and the manufacture of a wide range of engineering materials and product prototypes.  IMP-maintained capabilities include several variants based on melt processing, various deformation-processing strategies, particulate (powder)-based methods, and emerging capabilities in metal-based additive manufacturing.  The facilities support a wide range of university activities, including production of advanced and experimental materials for faculty-led research, industry-led process development, support of instructional labs, interdisciplinary collaboration, outreach, and serves as a means to advance the “maker environment” at Michigan Tech by enabling the transition of entrepreneurial concepts into pilot-scale production.  When coupled with the university's core Microfabrication Facility (MFF) and the Advanced Characterization and Morphological Analysis Laboratories (ACMAL), Michigan Tech's suite of material processing and complementing characterization facilities represent an impressive breadth of capabilities enabling advanced in-house experimentation, discovery, and development at a level and scale that is unique among universities nationally and internationally.

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