Ecosystem Science Center (ESC)

A researcher is collecting and analyzing water samples from a small river


The mission of the Ecosystem Science Center (ESC) is to advance knowledge through research on ecosystems. Humans, non-human organisms, and the abiotic environment create a complex set of socio-ecological processes, patterns, interactions, and connections and ESC members seek to understand this inherent complexity of social-ecological systems through research in ecosystem ecology, ecosystem response to global change, climate change adaptation and mitigation, carbon sequestration and bioenergy, plant, wildlife, aquatic and community ecology, invasive species, decomposition, and ecosystem restoration.

ESC's primary strategic goals are to:

  • Foster a vibrant, and inclusive community of scholars who conduct research with relevance to ecosystems.
  • Enhance member efforts to acquire external funds for ecosystem research.
  • Support and grow internal and external partnerships and capacity to achieve novel broader/research impacts.

The Center operates through a shared-governance system, where Center members work together, with leadership of the Center Director and staff, to allocate resources and make decisions about priorities and programming.

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