SURF Award Recipients Archives

2024 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Sam Jensen Applied Geophysics Radwin Askari / Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences Evaluation of Hydrogen Level in Soil Within Mid-Continental Rift System: Integrating Field Measurements with Existing Geological and Geophysical Data
Austin West Physics Jae Yong Suh / Physics Fabrication of Distributed Feedback Laser using Laser Interference Lithography based on  Superfluorescent Quasi-two-dimensional Perovskite
Dhruva Dayal Mechanical Engineering  Susanta Ghosh / Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Understanding Fracture Properties of Relative Density and Print Orientation Variated 3D Printed Microlattice Metamaterial. 
Walker Schumann Physics Rob Nemiroff / Physics An Investigation into Why Your Shadow Can Move Faster-than-light During Sunrise but Not Sunset
Noah Provenzola Computer Science Leo C. Ureel II / Computer Science Patient Care Language Model
Zoe Mazurkiewicz Computer Science and Mathematics Ashraf Saleem / Applied Computing Leveraging Machine Learning Algorithms and Drone-Based Snow Monitoring on Solar Panels
Aliyah Maxwell-Abrams Civil Engineering Robert Schneider / Mathematical Sciences Exploring Sustainable Energy Solutions in Costa Rica through Customer Discovery and Data Analysis
Ashdon McDaniel Applied Ecology and Environmental Science Rod Chimner / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Do Peat Characteristics Change When Cedar Swamps are Converted to Alder Swamps
Victor Wiesen Mechanical Engineering  Stephanie Rowe / Humanities Typical and Atypical Practices in Germany and United States
Madison Baldwin Chemical Engineering Caryn Heldt / Chemical Engineering Heparin Affinity Chromatography for The Separation of Influenza A Virus-like Particles from Baculovirus
Sean Phelan Statistics and Business Analytics Weihua Zhou / Applied Computing Discovering Genetic Markers for Alzheimer's Disease Using Genome-Wide Association and Rare Variant Association for Risk Prediction
Greta Fournier Chemistry Marina Tanasova / Chemistry Development of GLUT-Targeting Probes for in Vivo Imaging
Nikolas Johnson Biological Sciences Chunxiu (Traci) Yu / Biomedical Engineering Effects of Ventromedial Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation on Parkinson’s Disease-Derived Depression
Emily Hyatt Biomedical Engineering Hoda Hatoum / Biomedical Engineering Predictive model for thrombosis in coronary ectasia beyond the “z-score” in Kawasaki Disease
Grace Murray Policy and Community Development Mark Rhodes / Social Sciences Living Memorials and the Representation of Women in Global Politics
Nora Sullivan Applied Ecology & Environmental Sciences Evan Kane / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science How do long-term drainage, altered hydrology, and the encroachment of trees affect dissolved organic matter composition and redox status in northern peatlands?
Ila Swier  Sustainability Science and Society  Mark Rhodes / Social Sciences A Cross-Case Comparison of Celebrated Women as Living Memorials

2023 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Logan Andersen Physics Robert Nemiroff / Physics Python Modeling Relativistic Image Doubling
Gabe Bannerman Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Marina Tanasova / Chemistry Approaching GLUT fluorescence labels through tuning probe-GLUT H-bonding interactions
Gabriel Baquerizo Statistics Weihua Zhou / Applied Computing Discovering Hip Fracture Genetic Variations with Genome Wide Association and Rare Variant Association for Risk Prediction
Cailin Bishop Environmental Engineering Noel Urban / Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering Assessing Impacts of Climate Change on Inland Lakes: Lake Acidification and Clams
Joshua Dafoe Computer Science and Mathematics Bo Chen / Computer Science Securely and Efficiently Detecting Data Corruptions in a Decentralized Cloud Storage System
Zachary Gerber Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Shangyan Zou / Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Investigating the charging and docking of Underwater Unmanned Vehicles using Water Energy Converters
Sara Goheen Biomedical Engineering Sangyoon Han / Biomedical Engineering Extracellular Viscoelasticity of Collagen V
Zoe Haase Biomedical Engineering Roger J Guillory / Biomedical Engineering Understanding corrosion product trafficking from cardiovascular Mg implants by macrophages
Haley Marchese Medical Laboratory Science Robert Larson / Biological Sciences Targeting Acid Sensing Ion Channel 3 (ASIC3) in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Hunter McGillivray Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Paul van Susante / Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Characterization of Excavation Forces and Power Efficiency for Popular Trenching Cutters in Low Strength Cemented Material
Hunter McKenney Applied Ecology and Environmental Science Valoree Gagnon / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Manoomin Restoration Research and Outreach with the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community
Troy Metz Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Jeff Allen / Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics An Innovative Method for Sustainable Hydrogen Production
Lindy Oujiri Biomedical Engineering Jeremy Goldman / Biomedical Engineering Immunofluorescent Labeling
Mackenzie Russell Applied Ecology & Environmental science Evan Kane / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Mycorrhizal effects on enhanced mineral weathering for soil carbon storage
Zoie Schafer Wildlife Ecology & Conservation and Applied Ecology Stacy Cotey / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Analyzing Vernal Pool Network Connectivity and Amphibian Dispersal at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Abraham Stone Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Tara Bal / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science The Hawkweeds of Isle Royale: Biodiversity and Hybridization along the Greenstone Ridge
Ryan Verbrugge Robotics Tan Chen / Electrical and Computer Engineering Using Symmetrical Neural Networks to Compute Fractional Order Equations

2022 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Gracie Brownlow Mechanical Engineering Sajjad Bigham / Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Advanced Cold-climate Heat Pumps for Future Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Alyssa Church Human Biology and Anthropology LouAnn Wurst / Social Sciences The Persistence and Understanding of Clothing at Historical Archeology Sites
Ellie Connett Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Amy Marcarelli / Biological Sciences Heavy Metal Transfers by Aquatic Prey to Riparian Spiders in the Keweenaw Waterway
Madeline English Biomedical Engineering Smitha Rao / Biomedical Engineering Effects of Arsenic on Healthy and Cancerous Dermal Cells
Grace Gonzalez Medical Laboratory Science Casey Huckins / Biological Sciences The Effects of Captivity on the Gut Microbiome Pumpkinseed Sunfish from Lake Superior
Megan Guyer Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-Biology Focus Paul D. Goetsch / Biological Sciences Comparing Endogenous Gene Tags and Transgenic Reporters

Tessa Tormoen

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Jill Olin / Biological Sciences and Krisitn Brzeski / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Quantifying the Degree of Resource Partitioning Among Sympatric Tilefish Species Using DNA
Natalie Howard Applied Ecology and Environmental Science Carsten Kulheim / College of Forestry Resources and Environmental Science Variance Components and Phenotypic Plasticity of Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra) in a Replicated Common Garden Experiment
Maxwell James Statistics Qiuying Sha / Mathematical Sciences The Effect of Strict Opioid Limits on Alternative Pain Treatment Costs and ER Utilization in the Upper Peninsula Health Plan
Kristin King Biomedical Engineering Jingfeng Jiang / Biomedical Engineering  Augmenting Computational Hemodynamic Analysis for Aortic Aneurysms Using Artificial Intelligence
Lena Lukowski Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics / Scientific and Technical Communication Mark Rhodes / Social Sciences Locating Tourism Rhetoric: A Comparative Study
Riley Powers Scientific and Technical Communication Kathryn L. Hannum / Social Sciences Public Tourism Infrastructure and Accessibility: Comparison of Metropolitan, Micropolitan, and Rural Structures
Brian Reeves Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Gordon Patterson / Biological Sciences Mercury bioaccumulation among aquatic invertebrates in a post-glacial lake
Davi Sprague Scientific and Technical Communication Mark Rhodes / Social Sciences Understanding the Relationship Between Rail Communities and Rail Infrastructure
Abraham Stone Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Tara L. Bal / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science             Developing Efficient Deployment of a Natural Myco-biological Control on an Invasive Tree Species
Jonathan Willis Physics Elena Giusarma /Physics Using Advanced Computing Techniques to Simulate the Universe with Neutrinos

2021 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Rachel Clayton Exercise Science, Sports Management William Cooke / Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology The Effect of Squat Range of Motion on Lower Body Strength, Power, and Hypertrophy
Katherine Dvorak Social Science Angie Carter / Social Sciences Understanding the Importance of Mutual Aid in a Food Apartheid
Emilie Jacques Psychology Susan Amato-Henderson / Cognitive & Learning Sciences Mindfulness as a Test Anxiety Prevention Technique in College Students
Hannah Loughlin Biomedical Engineering Chunxiu (Traci) Yu / Biomedical Engineering Regular Aerobic Exercise for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
Lena Lukowski MEEM / Scientific and Technical Communication Carlos Amador / Humanities Case Study: How Do Diverse Rhetorics Support Health Communication Strategies Across Class Lines In Lima, Peru?
AJ Majczan Electrical Engineering Technology Sidike Paheding / Applied Computing Design of Cost-Effective Accessibility Control System Using Artificial Intelligence and Multisensors Integration 
Nicholas Niemi Biomedical Engineering Hoda Hatoum / Biomedical Engineering Design of a Novel Transcatheter Mitral Valve
Theresa Passe Environmental Engineering Jennifer Becker / Civil & Environmental Engineering Characterization of the Fate of SARS-CoV-2 During Wastewater Treatment 
Madelyn Pugh Applied Ecology & Environmental Science Evan Kane / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Investigating the Effects of Ditching and Tree Encroachment on Peat Carbon Dynamics: Using a Charcoal Layer as a Common Datum
Tyler Sepanik Economics Laura Connolly, College of Business Understanding the Persistent Labor Shortage in Middle Skill Occupations in the United States
Kamila Staniszewski Mechanical Engineering Ana Dyreson / Mechanical Engineering Harnessing the Offshore Winds of the Great Lakes to Supplement Electrical Needs
Chloe Strach Environmental Engineering Daisuke Minakata / Civil & Environmental Understanding and Predicting the Fate of 1,4-Dioxane in the Aqueous Phase UV/Chloramine Advanced Oxidation Process
Madalyn Tudor-Duncan Applied Ecology & Environmental Science Molly Cavaleri / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Root Respiration of Quercus Rubra in a Common Garden Experiment: Effects of Seed Source Climate on Inherent Root System Activity
Abbey Voisinet Biomedical Engineering Jeremy Goldman / Biomedical Engineering Improvement of Vascular Compatibility and Re-Endothelialization of Zn-Based Stent Material by Antibody Immobilization and Surface Topography
Kayleigh Wahr Chemistry Kathryn Perrine / Chemistry Study of the Dechlorination Reaction Between Chloroform and Iron Using Surface Science Techniques
Samantha Zerbel Mechanical Engineering Paul van Susante / Mechanical Engineering Quantifying the Degree of Resource Partitioning Among Sympatric Tilefish Species Using DNA Metabarcoding Analysis Techniques

2020 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Thomas Basala Biological Sciences Brigitte Morin and John Durocher / Biological Sciences The Effects of Morning vs Pre-Sleep Mindfulness Meditation on Sleep Health, Meditation, and Anxiety
Mitchell Connon Biomedical Engineering  Smitha Rao / Biomedical Engineering Durotactic Migration of Cancer Cells on Engineered Scaffolds
Reed Downs Physics Claudio Mazzoleni / Physics Extinction of Light by Water Droplets in a Turbulent Cloud
Stephanie Frantti Forestry Carsten Kuelheim / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Chemical Comparison of Upper and Lower Canopy Leaves from Two Red Oak Species
Walter Friesel Mechanical Engineering Technology David Nelson and Pasi Lautala / Civil & Environmental Engineering Auditory Warnings at Active Railroad Grade Crossings: An Analysis of the Benefits, Consequences, and Necessities of Locomotive and Wayside Horns
Samuel Haarman Biomedical Engineering Sangyoon Han / Biomedical Engineering Topology-based, Bayesian-like Deformation Estimation Method for Fast and Accurate Traction Force Microscopy Application
Caleb Jacobs Mathematics Cecile Piret / Mathematical Sciences The RBF-Tensor Method for Evolving Curves and Surfaces
Morgan Kline Mechanical Engineering Gordan Parker / Mechanical Engineering Optimization of Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Control Through Machine Learning
Tessa Mlinar Biological Sciences Chunxiu Yu / Biological Sciences Effects of Cell-Specific Optogenetic Stimulation in the Subthalamic Nucleus for the Treatment of Depression
Erik Oshaben Civil Engineering Amlan Mukherjee / Civil and Environmental Engineering A Guideline for Decision Making When Considering Long-Term Performance and Environmental Impact
Victoria Peck Forestry Molly Cavaleri / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Engineering Comparisons of Water Use Efficiency and Photosynthetic Thermal Tolerance Between Mature Quercus Rubra and Quercus Ellipsoidalis
Erik Pitcher Mechanical Engineering & Applied Computational Mathematics Hassan Masoud / Mechanical Engineering Analytic Solution for Flow Inside an Evaporating Sessile Droplet on a Slope
Emilie Pray Geology Chad Deering / Geological and Mining Engineering Understanding the Exhumation History of the Bell-Creek Batholith
Shaina Royer Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering Sangyoon Han / Biomedical Engineering Influence of Collage Type V on Fibroblast and Vascular Endothelial Cell Behavior
Alexis Shatrau Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Erika Hersch-Green / Biological Sciences Interactions Between Wild Berry Populations, Spotted-Wing Drosophila, and Land Management Activities
Timothy Stone Sustainability Science Don Lafreniere / Geography and GIS The Daily Spaces and Environmental Hazards for Youth in the Industrial City
Noah Wilson Physics Jacek Borysow / Physics Non-invasive Breath Analysis for Testing Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetics
Alannah Woodring Sustainability Science Angie Carter / Social Sciences What Are the Best Practices to Integrate Therapy Gardens into Programs Servings  At Risk Populations?
Claudia Zinser Wildlife Ecology & Management Kristin Brzeski / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together? Testing Flock Relatedness in Blue Jays

2019 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Casey Aldrich Physics Robert Nemiroff / Physics Cataloging NASA’s Fermi Satellite’s Super-GeV Photons
Andrew Cooper Chemical Engineering Marina Tanasova / Chemistry Exploring Substrate Selection by Fructose-Specific Transporter GLUT5 for Development of GLUT-Specific Inhibitors
Kyle Dick Computer Science Pasi Lautala, Civil & Environmental Engineering Determining Whether Rough Grade Crossings Slow Drivers Down and If there is a Safety Advantage
Maureen Hennenfent Environmental Engineering Rupak Rajachar / Biomedical Engineering Evaluating Antimicrobial and Wound Healing Properties of a Hydrogen Peroxide Microgel
Carly Huggins Environmental Engineering Noel Urban / Civil & Environmental Engineering Changing Food Consumption to Lower Phosphorus Flows in Houghton, MI
Zonghan Lyu Biomedical Engineering Jingfeng Jiang / Biomedical Engineering Constructing Breast Ultrasound Elastography Phantom Using 3-D Printing Technique
Benjamin Mohrhardt Environmental Engineering Daisuke Minakata / Civil & Environmental Development of Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships to Prioritize Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) for Remediation Studies
Seth Mosentine Finance Joel Tuoriniemi / SBE / Accounting Analysis of the Different Components of Operating Liability Leverage and Effects on Stock Price
Lianne Novak Mathematics Kelly Kam / KIP Factors Associated with a Working Mother’s Decision to Breastfeed in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Douglas Pedersen Mechanical Engineering / Math Sajjad Bigham / Mechanical Engineering Advancement of Sorption Batteries for Future Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Renato Pinto Reveggino Physics Claudio Mazzoleni / Physics Measuring the optical properties of mineral, and carbonaceous aerosols at 450 nm for atmospheric research
Rebecca Rooney Applied Ecology & Environmental Science Sigrid Resh / CFRES Investigation of Optimal Cutting Regimes to Minimize Rhizomal Carbohydrate Storage in Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica)
Shaina Royer Biomedical Engineering Sang Yoon Han / Biomedical Engineering Developing Ultra-High-Resolution Traction Force Microscopy (TFM) Using Polydopamine Functionalization of Silicone Gel Substrate
Renn Schipper Biological Sciences Amy Marcarelli / Biological Sciences Variation in Biological Processes Along the Pilgrim River Continuum
Katherine Schneider Applied Ecology & Environmental Science Tara Bal / CFRES Burying beetles as iDNA tool for measuring small mammal community biodiversity
Tessa Steenwinkel Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Thomas Werner / Biological Sciences The influence of a healthy diet on the fecundity and longevity of diverse Drosophila species
Grant Thivierge Biological Sciences John Durocher / Biological Sciences The Effects of Upper and Lower Body Resistance Exercise on Pulse Wave Velocity and Tilt Table Test Performance 
Brennan Vogl Biomedical Engineering Smitha Rao / Biomedical Engineering Carbohydrate Baits to Redirect and Mitigate Migration in Breast Cancer
Christopher Wallenfang Materials Science & Engineering Joshua Pearce / Materials Science The viability of 3-D printing glass using a polymer glass composite and post sintering
Jack Wilson Sustainability Science & Society Angie Carter / Social Sciences Sharing Space and Developing Community Food Security

2018 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Chelsey Bach Forestry Evan Kane / College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Moose Browsing Effect on Soil Nutrient Availability in the Boreal Forests of Isle Royale National Park
Dennis J Byard Mechanical Engineering Joshua Pearce / Materials Science Increasing Maker Manufacturing through 3D Printing with Reclaimed Plastic & Direct Drive Pellet Extrusion
Emily Byrne Applied Ecology & Environmental Science Thomas Werner / Biological Sciences Physiological Effects of α-Amanitin in Various Mycophagous Drosophila Species
Aaron Dean Mechanical Engineering Pasi Lautala / Civil & Environmental Engineering Using Naturalistic Driving Data and Machine Learning to Predict Accident Risk at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
Satyen Dhamankar Chemical Engineering / Mathematics Benjamin Ong / Mathematical Sciences Accelerated Boundary Integral Methods
Marshal Dunham Mathematics / Bioinformatics William Keith / Mathematical Sciences Properties of Tree-like Tableaux
Conner Hawry Physics Yoke Khin Yap / Physics Synthesis of Small Diameter BNNTs for Biomedical Application
Rose Hildebrandt Psychology Don Lafreniere / Social Sciences Examining the Impact of Placemaking Exercises on Youth’s Perception of Their Environment
Zackerie Hjorth Physics Yoke Khin Yap / Physics Boron Nitride Nanosheet Synthesis and Use for Increasing Electron Mobility of Graphene and TMDCs on SiO2 Substrates
Eric Houck Mechanical Engineering Mo Rastgaar / Mechanical Engineering Magneto-Rheological Fluids Create a Natural Walking Gait in Ankle-Foot Prostheses
Stephanie Jewell Biomedical Engineering / Mechanical  William Cook / KIP Controlled Breathing and Automatic Cardiovascular Control
Gilliane Kenyon Medical Laboratory Science Marina Tanasova / Chemistry Establishing the impact of DNA minor groove alkylation on DNA replication and transcription
Noah Kozminski Scientific and Technical Communication Karla Kitalong / Humanities Organizational Network Analysis of Humanitarian 3D Printing in Rural Kenya
Katelyn Kring Geological Engineering Snehamoy Chatterjee / GMES Spatial Interpolation of Rock Quality Designation to Design Underground Support System for Eagle Mine
Zoe LaLonde Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Chemistry Qing-Hui Chen / KIP Toxicity of Lactic Acid in Neuron Cells mediates Toward Neurodegenerative Disease
Anthony  Marcich Applied and Computational Mathematics Benjamin Ong / Mathematical Sciences Dimensionality reduction for streaming data
Kaylee Meyers Biomedical Engineering Rupak Rajachar / Biomedical Engineering Evaluating the Influence of Matrix Stiffness on the Activation of MMPs in Tendinopathy
Gemma Oliver Mathematics / Secondary Education John Gruver / Mathematical Sciences Teacher's Highlighting Shaping Student's Noticing of Mathematical Relationships
Alexander Oliver Biomedical Engineering Jeremy Goldman / Biomedical Engineering Characterizing the Inflammatory Response to Zinc Stent Materials
Brenna Rosso Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Biology Ebenezer Tumban / Biological Sciences Assessing the Expression and Purification of Recombinant MS2-arg tagged Coat Proteins
Rob Skalitsky Anthropology Kelly Boyer Ontl / Social Sciences Human-moose interactions on Isle Royale: Anthropological research of the interactions between moose and the visitors of Isle Royale National Park
Deanna Springgay Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Chemistry Patricia Heiden / Chemistry Creating a New Family of Copolymers and Exploring Their Effect on Micelle Shape and Response to pH and Temperature
Timothy Stone Civil Engineering Don Lafreniere / Social Sciences Exploring the Social Determinants of health and Disease Outbreak Patterns in Children in Early Twentieth Century Calumet
Brennan Vogl Biomedical Engineering Smitha Rao / Biomedical Engineering Monitoring migration of cancer cells using a microfluidic device
Allison Waara Exercise Science Kevin Trewartha / KIP Aging and the Neurocognitive Mechanisms Underlying Corrective Actions for Obstacle Collision Avoidance

2017 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Jessica Benson Biomedical Engineering Jeremy Goldman / Biomedical Eng. Evaluating Biodegradable Zinc Stent Materials
Dale Bigler General Mathematics Jie Sun / Mathematical Sciences Towers of Algebras Related to the Symmetric Groups and the Hecke Algebras
Illiya Chibirev Physics and Mathematics Jacek Borysow / Physics High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Temperature Measurements of Atmospheric Gases Using Noninvasive Raman Spectroscopy
Owen Cruikshank Physics Raymond Shaw / Physics Investigating the Nucleation of Supercooled Water by Droplet Vibration and Contact Line Movement
Savannah de Luca History Steve Walton / Social Sciences Digital History of Historic Mineralogical Instruments at the A.E. Seaman Museum
James Gooding Chemical Engineering Shiyue Fang / Chemistry Formation of Hindered Aryl Carbamates Under Highly Reactive Conditions
Amanda Kautzer Biomedical Engineering/Eng. Management Rupak Rajachar / Biomedical Eng. Multi-arm PEG-based Hydrogels for Tendon and Ligament Repair
Hannah Maat Exercise Science Teijin Yoon / KIP Sex Differences in Brain Activation Under Stressful and Fatigued Conditions During Motor Tasks
Ben Miller Forestry & Applied Ecology Molly Cavaleri / CFRES Investigating the Difference Between Leaf and Air Temperature Along a Vertical Gradient in a Tropical Wet Forest
Nick Olinger Applied and Computational Mathematics Cecile Piret / Mathematical Sciences On Modeling of Curve and Surface Evolutions Using Radial Basis Functions
Darian Reed Civil Engineering Pasi Lautala / Civil & Environmental Eng. Evaluation of Methods to Record Head Orientation in Driving Simulator and In-Vehicle Study Environments
Michael Ryan Social Sciences Law and Society Roman Sidortsov / Social Sciences Just and Reasonable? Study of Electricity Rates in Houghton County Through the Lens of Energy Justice
Jacob Schoenborn Preprofessional in Biology Xiaoqing Tang / Biological Sciences Blueberry Protects Pancreatic Beta Cells
Marissa Schorr Geology Chad Deering / Geological & Mining Eng. Filling in the Gaps: Finding the Missing Detrital Zircon Puzzle Pieces to the Magmatic Evolution of the Mt. Princeton Batholith, Colorado
Elsa Schwartz Forestry Molly Cavaleri / CFRES Effects of Warming on Stomatal Density and Size in Tropical Rainforest Trees
Drew Stockero Audio Production and Technology Christopher Plummer / VPA Preserving the Upper Peninsula Through Soundscapes
Paige Webb Medical Laboratory Science Stephen Techtmann / Biological Sciences The Role of Microbial Communities in Microbial Influenced Corrosion of Great Lake Structures
Luke Weidner Geological Engineering Thomas Oommen / Geological and Mining Eng. Validation of a Landslide Susceptibility Model Using Ground Movement Image Correlation in Parwan Province, Afghanistan
Travis Wigstrom Chemical Engineering Shiyue Fang / Chemistry A Novel Carboxylic Acid Protecting Group Deprotectable Under Mild Neural Conditions
Aubrey Woern Mechanical Engineering Joshua Pearce / Materials Science Techno-Economic Analysis of Flexible Filaments Used in 3D Printing vs. Traditional Manufacturing

2016 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Dakota Anderson Biomedical Engineering Steven Elmer / Kinesiology & Int. Physio. Improving Upper-Body Muscle Conditioning While Training at Low Intensities
Kaelan Anderson Physics Claudio Mazzoleni / Physics Studying the Properties of Free Tropospheric Aerosols in the Mid Atlantic
Katie Bristol Applied Geophysics Aleksey Smirnov / Geological and Mining Eng Investigation of Chondrules in the Allende Meteorite as Recorders of the Ancient Solar Nebula's Magnetic Field Strength
Kelci Mohrman Physics Petra Huentemeyer / Physics Analysis of Highest Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from the Geminga Pulsar Wind Nebula
Thomas Page General Engineering David Ciochetto / Physics Measuring Variations in Supersaturation as Related to Height and Time in the Cloud Chamber
Kendra Rasner Finance & Economics Heather Knewtson / SBE The Joint Effects of Sentiment and Investor Attention: An Investigation on Market Indices
David Trine Biochemistry & Mol. Biology Thomas Werner / Biological Sciences Finding the tan Gene Enhancer in the Abdomen of Drosophila guttifera
Elisha Earley Biomedical Engineering Jeremy Goldman / Biomedical Engineering Evaluating Novel Biodegradable Stent Materials
Kira Ferguson Applied Ecology & Enviro. Sci. Kathy Halvorsen / Social Sciences & CFRES Integrated Social and Ecological Study on the Potential of Cognitive and Structural Fixes for Enhancing Local Urban Bee Populations
Rebekka Guyon Geological Engineering Eric Seagren / Civil & Environmental Eng.; Stanley Vitton / Civil & Environmental Eng. Thomas Oommen / Geological & Env. Eng. Production of Bio-Cementation from the Stimulation of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria to Mitigate Dust Susceptibility
Jackie Harris Chemical Engineering Lanrong Bi / Chemistry Investigation into the Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Novel Nitroxide Derivatives
Madison Heeringa Mathematics Benjamin Ong / Mathematical Sciences Building Decision Trees from Low-Rank Approximations of Data
Carly Joseph Biomedical Engineering Rupak Rajachar / Biomedical Engineering Development of a Novel Nitric Oxide Releasing Fibrin Microgel Composite Hydrogel System for Tendon Repair
Ami Kling Biomedical Engineering Jingfeng Jiang / Biomedical Engineering Determination of the Effects of Hyperthermic Ablation on the Microstructure of Type I Collagen
Alexander Miltenberger Applied Geophysics Snehamoy Chatterjee / Geological  Eng. Simulating 3-D Fracture Networks by Conditioning Ground Penetrating Radar Data with Nonstationary Pattern-Based Modeling
Samantha Stokes Wildlife Management & Ecology Kelly Boyer-Ontl / Social Sciences Assessing Mammalian Assemblages Along Senegal's Largest Artisanal Gold Mine
Alexa Thompson Electrical Engineering Keat Ghee Ong / Biomedical Engineering Real-Time Monitoring of Bone Healing Through Wireless Detection of Stress on the Fixation Plate
Travis Wigstrom Chemical Engineering Shiyue Fang / Chemistry A Better Approach to Tritylation of Alcohols
Aaron Dean Mechanical Engineering David Nelson / Civil & Environmental Eng.; Pasi Lautala / Civil & Environmental Eng. Effectiveness of Using SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study Date to Study Driver Behavior at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
Joseph Vermeylen Chemistry Loredana Valenzano / Chemistry Intercalating Kevlar Molecules in Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Bilayer
Aaron Krieg Chemical Engineering Julia King / Chemical Engineering Novel High Voltage/Temperature Nanocomposites

2015 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Stephanie Bean Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Caryn Heldt / Chemical Engineering Gold Nanoparticles Detection of Protein Amyloid
Allison Branch Biomedical Engineering Mike Neuman / Biomedical Engineering Developing a Wearable Sensor for Real Time Joint Angle Measurement
Claire Eischer Exercise Science Tejin Yoon / Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology Sex Differences in Neuromuscular Fatigue of the Knee Extensors During and After Eccentric Fatiguing Contractions
Craig Ekstrum (HI) Materials Science & Engineering Chito Kendrick / Electrical and Computer Engineering Development of InGaN/Si Tandem Photovoltaic Cells
Clarence Hardwick Electrical and Computer Engineering Christopher Middlebrook / Electrical and Computer Engineering Satellite Identification and Tracking by Spectral Measurements at AMJOCH Observatory
Sarah Harttung (HI) Applied Ecology and Environmental Science Evan Kane / Forest Resources & Environmental Science Changes in Peat Carbon Storage with Altered Hydrology and Plant Species Composition
Ashley Hendricks Environmental Engineering Noel Urban / Civil and Environmental Engineering The Effect of Ice Cover on Fish Exposure to Methyl Mercury
Michelle Hoard Chemical Engineering Ching-An Peng / Chemical Engineering Size-dependency on Thiolated Chitosan Gold Nanorods on Photothermal Properties and Cellular Uptake
Heath Johnson Finance/Economics Junhong Min & Dean Johnson / Business and Economics Behavioral Finance Approach for Designing Saving Promotion Programs for Low-income Households: An Application of Conjoint Analysis
Mitchell Kirby Biomedical Engineering Sean Kirkpatrick / Biomedical Engineering Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging Using a Nematic Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
Andrew Meyer (HI) Ecology and Environmental Science Amber Roth / Forest Resources & Environmental Science Assessing and Quantifying Bird-Window Collisions on the Michigan Technological University Campus
Ross Michaels (HI) Biomedical Engineering Jingfeng Jiang / Biomedical Engineering Effects of Hyperthermic Denaturation of Collagen Fibers on Tissue's Mechanical Characteristics Resulting from Ablation
Anna Nelson Chemical Engineering Adrienne Minerick / Chemical Engineering Influence of Passages and Differentiation on Dielectrophoretic Property of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Peter Nouhan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Thomas Werner / Biological Sciences Uncovering the Enhancers of the Pigmentation Gene Yellow
Emily Oppliger Civil Engineering Alex Mayer / Civil & Environmental Engineering Understanding Historic Use of the Huron Creek Watershed Through GIS and Archive Analysis
Robert Richard Forestry and Wildlife Ecology Management Evan Kane / Forest Resources & Environmental Science Initial Impact of Forest Derived Soil Amendments on Soil Properties and Forest Productivity
Kevin Rocheleau Mathematical Sciences & Physics Christopher Middlebrook / Electrical and Computer Engineering Michael Mullins / Chemical Engineering Determination of the Electro-Optic Effect in PDMS-TiO2 Hybrid Nano-composites
Colin Sheidler Physics Yoke Khin Yap / Physics Growth of Molybdenum Disulfide Monolayer Films by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Brandon Stimac Environmental Engineering Todd Ontl / Forest Resources & Environmental Science Understanding Vegetation Effects on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Peatland Ecosystems
Mitchell Tahtinen Biomedical Engineering & Statistics Feng Zhao / Biomedical Engineering Prevascularization of Highly Aligned Nanofibrous Extracellular Matrix Scaffold
Gina Testa Wildlife Ecology and Management David Flaspohler / Forest Resources & Environmental Science Thee Effect of Short Rotation Aspen Management on the Movement and Habitat Selection of Forest Birds
Ryan Van Goethem Biological Sciences Amy Marcarelli / Biological Sciences Impact of Stamp Sands on Aquatic Macrophyte Communities, Myriophyllum spicatum, and Myriophyllum spicatum x sibiricum Hybrids in the Portage Waterway
Virginia Van Vianen (HI) Biological Sciences Erika Hersch-Green / Biological Sciences The Effects of Increased Anthropogenic Nitrogen on Plant Characteristics and Pollinators
Randall Wilharm (HI) Chemistry Bruce Lee / Biomedical Engineering Developing Bioadhesive Polymers from Four-Armed PEG, PCL and Dopamine

2014 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Andrew Baldwin Biomedical Engineering Tejin Yoon Can Upper Limb Exercise with Simple Free Weight Train Back Muscles?
Luke Doskey Chemistry / Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Tarun Dam A New Purification Method to Isolate a Cancer Detecting Protein
Vincent Druschke (HI) Computer Engineering / Computer Science Leo Ureel II and Charles Wallace Developing Simple Integrated Development Environments for Teaching Basic Computer Science Curricula and Concepts
Joel Duncan Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Jeremy Worm The Benefits of Lean-Burn Combustion on Mechanical Component Cooling and Emission Levels in an IC Engine
Shannon Ennis Chemical Engineering S. Komar Kawatra pH Neutral Iron Ore Processing: A Breakthrough in Environmentally Friendly Mineral Processing
Kristin Flickinger (HI) Biomedical Engineering Jingfeng Jiang Investigation of Non-Linear Elastic Parameters of Collagen Hydrogels: A Feasibility study for Noninvasive Breast Cancer Differentiation
Peter Gardner Chemical Engineering Caryn Heldt Infectivity of Hepatitis A Virus and Porcine Parvovirus in the Presence of Cochlospermum Planchonii Extracts
Sarah Harttung Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences Andrew Burton and Oliver Gailing Do Genetic Differences in Drought Tolerance & Phenology Contribute to Species Divergence in Oaks?
Robert Innis Applied Physics Yoke Khin Yap CVD growth of Molybdenum Disulfide
Jessica Karwosk Medical Laboratory Sciences Rupali Datta Pentachlorophenol contamination in an abandoned lumber yard in Upper Peninsula, MI
Mark Keranen Biomedical Engineering Thomas Werner How Toolkit Genes and their Molecular Pathways Control the Development of Pigmentation Patterns in Animals
Paul Kirby Audio Production Christopher Plummer Capturing the Soundscapes of Point Abbaye
Leslie LaLonde Biomedical Engineering Jeremy Goldman Improving and Controlling Biodegradation of Zinc-based Stent Materials Through the Formation of Surface Oxide Layers
Adam Laxo Physics Raymond Shaw An Investigation of Aerosols as Catalysts for Contact Nucleation
Joshua Manela Computer Engineering / Electrical Engineering Timothy Havens Investigating cloud-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for a UAV system by implementing an orientation estimation algorithm and communicating the data with the cloud
Zachary Morgan Materials Science and Engineering / Mechanical Engineering Yongmei Jin Optimizing damping capabilities of metal matrix composites with ferroelectric barium titanate inclusions through modeling and computer simulation
Meridith Murley Biomedical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering Bruce Lee Effects of Cyclodextrin Molecules on the Mechanical Properties of Hydrogels
Jade Ortiz Biological Sciences Amy M. Marcarelli Impacts of Myriophyllum spicatum and phosphorus loading on phytoplankton community dynamics in the Portage Waterway
Nina Pacella Biomedical Engineering Keat G. Ong Magnetoelastic Resonance Sensor for Monitoring Forces Applied to Cardiac Leads
Alex Reichanadter Chemical Engineering Julie King Mechanical Properties of Continuous Carbon Fiber/Graphene Nanoplatelet/Epoxy Composites
David Rosen Exercise Science / Biomedical Engineering Jingfeng Jiang Effects of collagenase treatment on the ultrasound measured passive elastic response of ex vivo muscle
Anna Waller (HI) Biomedical Engineering Jeremy Goldman The Use of Drug-releasing Biodegradable Microparticles to Increase Lymphatic Regeneration in Wound Sites
Faryn Yovich Psychology Shane Mueller Relationship between Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Creativity in Children
Eponine Zenker Chemistry Ashutosh Tiwari The Role of Disulfide Bonds in Protein Stability and Aggregation

*HI = Honor's Institute

2013 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Joseph Charnawskas Physics Raymond Shaw The Effects of the Gravitational Force on Water Particles in a Turbulent Flow
Erin Collins Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences Amy Schrank Impacts of moose foraging on phosphorus availability to Utricularia vulgaris
Natasha Fetzer Wildlife Ecology and Management Amber Roth Golden-winged Warbler Response to Alder Management
Anna Buckardt Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences David Flaspohler The Effect of Rats on the Foraging Location of Birds in Hawaiian Forest Fragmented by Lava Flows
Audra Winter Pharmaceutical Chemistry Bruce Lee Development of PEG-based Hydrogel Functionalized with SNAP or Release NO as a Novel Antibacterial Material
Christa Meingast Environmental Engineering Eric Seagren Effects of Biosolids Moisture Content on Indicator Organism Reduction via Freezing and Thawing
Danielle Ahrens Biomedical Engineering Megan Frost Characterizing the effects of protein deposition on SNAP-PDMS polymer
Eliot Nagler Chemical Engineering Adrienne Minerick Particle-Particle Chain Formation in Dielectrophoretic Microsystems with Red Blood Cells and Polystyrene Microbeads
Emily Collins Applied Ecology and Environmental Science Oliver Gailing Does selection against hybrids maintain species identity in interfertile oak species with different adaptations to drought
John Trochta Environmental Engineering Colleen Mouw Remote Sensing Approach in Observing Environmental Interannual Variability in Lake Superior
Katrina Swanson Chemical Engineering S. Komar Kawatra Biomass as a Renewable Alternative to Coal Fuel Sources in Iron Oxide Reduction
Madeline Topitzes Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Mi Hye Song RNA-Binding Roles in the Assembly of Microtubule Organizing Center
Marie Rene Mets Exercise Science John J. Durocher The Influence of Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness on Cross-Country Mountain Biking Performance
Matthew Tianen Materials Science and Engineering Jaroslaw Drelich Development of Zn-based Alloys for Bioabsorbable Stents
Melissa DePra Mechanical Engineering Jeff Naber & Jaclyn Johnson Development of a green diesel-biodiesel blend to achieve lower nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions than B20
Michael Johnson III Mathematics Rebecca Schmitz The Perceptions and Productivity of Calculus Students Taught Through Jigsaw Methodology
Mick Small Physics Yoke Khin Yap Photovoltaic Responses of Quantum Dot Sensitized ZnO Nanowires
Nicole Westphal (HI) Biomedical Engineering Rupak Rajachar Injectable PEG-fibrinogen hydrogel cell delivery system for tendon repair
Samantha Wright Biomedical Engineering Keat Ghee Ong FeGa Biodegradable Coronary Stent
Warren Clohisy Forestry Robert Froese Changes in Nitrous Oxide Gas Emissions under Alternative Establishment Regimes in Hybrid Poplar (Populus spp.) Biomass Plantations
Angela Small (HI) Physics Jacek Borysow Analysis of Artificial Breath Samples Using Raman Spectroscopy for Medical Diagnosis
Avery Bailey (HI) Biomedical Engineering Feng Zhao Engineering Neural Tissue Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Natural Protein Scaffold
Brian Page (HI) Mechanical Engineering Nina Mahmoudian Control Development for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Swarm
Kevin Rocheleau (HI) Physics Petra Huentemeyer Analysis and Modeling of Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission from the Cygnus Region using FERMI and HAWC Data
Kimberly Stanke (HI) Computational and Applied Mathematics Zhengfu Xu De-noising MR Velocity Measurements in Cerebral Aneurysms: a scientific computing approach
Adam Cary Biological Sciences Jennifer Becker Effect of Growth Conditions on Ice Nucleation Activity of Pseudomonas syringae

*HI = Honor's Institute

2012 Award Recipients

Student Name Student's Major Advisor/Department Project Title
Jacob Bjorn Biomedical Engineering Megan Frost Developing a nitric oxide releasing polymer system for in vivo testing of retinal epithelial cell degeneration
Michael Bobian Biological Sciences Mi Hye Song Centrosome assembly is regulated by proteasomal degradation
Michael Bostwick Biomedical Engineering Bruce Lee Determining the effects of biomimetic, physical cross-links on the mechanical properties of hydrogels
Margaret Brunette Biomedical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering, *HI Rupak Rajachar Mechanical vibrations and their effect on cell expression of myofibroblastic phenotype behavior
Daniel Cerminaro Civil Engineering Thomas Oommen Object-based earthquake-induced damage assessment using remote sensing
Megan Dalbec Environmental Engineering Lynn Mazzoleni Secondary formation of organosulfate compounds during α-pinene ozonolysis
Zachary Johnson Biological Sciences, *HI Thomas Werner The role of proto-oncogenes in the evolution of animal color patterns, using drosophilia guttifera as a model
Taylor Kaurala Exercise Science Jason Carter Gluten-free diet and autonomic activity in humans
Michael Lancina Biomedical Engineering, *HI Rupak Rajachar Primary amine derivatized natural polymer electrospun fivers for the controlled release of nitric oxide
Emily Makoutz Physics Yoke Khin Yap Quantum dot sensitized photovoltaic devices with novel core-shell nanowires
Lauren Mancewicz Environmental Engineering John Gierke Achievability of groundwater remediation of fruit processing waste contamination using air sparging technology
Lauren Manninen Forestry Catherine Tarasoff and Evan Kane A comparison of the carbon sequestration potential of C3 vs C4 grasses in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Christa Meingast Environmental Engineering Eric Seagren and Jennifer Becker Development of a sustainable process for class A biosolids production in a small northern community
Jarrod Nelson Forestry Thomas Pypker A comparison of stemflow precipitation volume and nutrient content between red maple (acer rubrum) and black ash (fraxinus nigra)
Felicia Nip Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, *HI Thomas Werner The evolution of a α-amanitin resistance in drosophila
Justina Silva Applied Ecology and Environmental Science Wrik Lilleskov Enzyme activity in changing peatland plant communities and their effect on carbon cycling
Stephen Stassen Physics Claudio Mazzoleni Research on atmospheric North American aerosols: using an integrated photoacoustic/nephelometer spectrometer and the Pico mountain observatory
Caleb Vogt Biomedical Engineering, *HI Feng Zhao Optimization of nitric oxide releasing dose for human mesenchymal stem cell growth in a biodegradable nanofibrous scaffold
Eric Wilkening Mechanical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering Nina Mahmoudian Development of a cost competitive underwater glider for the advancement of marine research
Bo Yu Computer Science Ali Ebnenasir Towards designing a fault-tolerant scheduler for the OkL4 microkernel

*HI = Honor's Institute

2011 Award Recipients

Student Name Major/Department Advisor/Mentor Proposal

Michael Adler


Peter Moran, ME-EM

"Iodine Doping and Carrier Concentration Analysis in N-Type PbTe Semiconductors"

Jonathan Anderson

Chemical Engineering

Julia King, Chemical Engineering

"Tensile Modulus Modeling of Carbon nanotube/Polycarbonate and Carbon Black/Polycarbonate Composites"

Hasti Asayesh Ardakani


Reza Shahbazian-Yassar, BRC

"Self-powered Piezoelectric Nanostructures"

Elizabeth Cloos

Electrical Engineering

Christopher Middlebrook, Electrical & Computer Engineering

"Determination of the Acousto-Optic Effect in Polymer Waveguide Materials"

Ryan Connolly


Robert Nemiroff, Physics

"Applying the Pulse Start Conjecture to High-Energy Gamma-Ray Bursts in Order to Constrain Lorentz Invariance Violation"

Corson Cramer


Lyon King, ME-EM

"Potential Analyzer Diagnostic for Hall-Effect Plasma Thruster Plumes"

Richard Gridley

Biomedical Engineering

Seth Donahue, BRC

"A Novel Treatment for Fracture Healing in Rats"

Jordan Hagen


Claudio Mazzoleni, Physics

"Using Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectrometry to Characterize Aerosol Optical Properties"

Matt Helgen

Computer Science

Nilufer Onder, Computer Science

"A Computer Simulated Approach for Modeling Evolution of Biochemical Systems"

Andrew Kennedy


Loredana Valenzano, Physics

"A Multi-Scale Computational Study of Metal-Organic Frameworks in Interaction with Water"

Lindsey Kenyon


Greg Waite, GMES

"Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala: A Study of Seismic Activity and Correlation with Gas Emissions"

Michelle King

Exercise Science

Jason Carter, Exercise Science/BRC

"Sleep Deprivation and Neurovascular Control in Humans"

Faith Lambert


Michael Gibson, Biological Science/BRC

"The Effects of Transport Inhibition of Phenylalanine on Phenylketonuria Symptoms by Use of Dietary Supplements"

Tristan McKay

Biomedical Engineering

Megan Frost, BRC

"Physical Characterization of Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymers"

Alex Mehne


Andrew Burton, CFRES

"Performance of Non-Local Tree Species Planted in Baraga County, MI"

Sarah Mets


Mi Hye Song, Biological Sciences

"The Role of ATX-2, an RNA-Binding Protein in Centrosome Duplication"

Alexander Saari

Management Information Systems

Mari Buche, SBE

"The Cyclical Benefits of the Systems Development Life Cycle and Other Growth/Development Initiatives in the Information Systems/Information Technology Industry"

Samantha Simon


Edward Cokely, CLS

"Using Cognitive Science to Improve Financial Decision Making Applications in Consumer Credit Card Debt"

Derek VanderLaan


Yoke Khin Yap, Physics

"Quantam Dot-Sensitized ZnO Nanostructures for Photovoltaic Devices"

Lucas van der Laan

Exercise Science

Karen Roemer, BRC

"Determining How Different Cutting Maneuvers Affect the Forces Applied on the ACL"

Auriel Van Der Laar

Wildlife Ecology and Management

Joseph Bump, CFRES

"Developing Morphometrics Models to Predict the Sex of King and Virginia Rails"

Kaylee Walsh


Mark Gockenbach, Mathematical Sciences

"Analysis of New Regularization Method for Ill-Conditioned Linear Systems"

Katherine Waring


Rodney Chimner, CFRES

"Sleeper Lake Fen Restoration: Modeling Water Flow Patterns and Water Chemistry"

For a complete listing of SURF Awards dated back to 2002, please contact Natasha Chopp (