Mission, Values and Vision

The Department of Public Safety and Police Services is a full-service police agency staffed twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week by certified law enforcement officers and dispatchers.

Mission Statement

The Michigan Tech Department of Public Safety and Police Services is dedicated to protect and serve our community’s quest for a peaceful and safe existence, free from fear, and with democratic values applied equally to all constituents.

Core Values

Values are the most fundamental beliefs by which an organization operates, and they serve as a basic foundation on which leadership and management are provided and decisions are made.  We believe that:

  • Every life is precious.
  • Democratic values apply to all.
  • Every person has individual, equal value.
  • Ethics and integrity are the foundations of law enforcement.
  • Cooperative community partnerships are the key to a tranquil and safe environment.

Vision Statement

The Department of Public Safety and Police Services strives to create a level of professionalism, service, and excellence in law enforcement in which our constituents will live, learn, and work.

Public Safety Oversight Committee

The Public Safety Oversight Committee is an impartial body through which any person may make a complaint about the actions of a University law enforcement officer or the Department of Public Safety and Police Services. The committee receives and addresses complaints to ensure that the University remediates any misconduct.

The committee consists of two university faculty members, two university staff members, and two university students from the currently enrolled student body, each of whom are nominated and elected by the faculty, students, and/or staff of the University. For more information see University policy 5.1007.1, "Public Safety Oversight Committee."

Emergency Numbers