Facility Access


Public Safety and Police Services is responsible for the locking of all University buildings. If you have prior authorization and need assistance after-hours to a building or room, or lock yourself out of your office, call 906-487-2216. If you have a specific event that you need to have a room or building open for, please call scheduling at 906-487-2319 at least one day in advance.


Public Safety and Police Services is responsible for the authorization and issuance of all keys. Department chairs and directors oversee key requests in their area, to ensure that policies and procedures are followed.

In order to maintain the integrity of University security and the safeguarding of keys, it is the responsibility of the individual entrusted with keys to ensure they are not lost or transferred. Keys are not to be duplicated.  Abuse of this policy may result in disciplinary action.

Authorized department personnel can use the online Key Request Form to request a non-residential key.

Building and Room Access

Only individuals who have an ongoing need for access to University buildings after normal working hours, are eligible for exterior door accessibility using their Husky Card.

Authorized department personnel can request building and room card access by emailing card-access.  Husky Cards are not to be loaned or transferred.  

Emergency Numbers