Emergency Management

Campus Physical Security

Security Cameras

Michigan Tech employs a network of security cameras to assist in protecting the safety and property of the University community. The primary use of surveillance cameras is to record images for future identification of individuals in the event of legal, criminal, or policy violations. With the exception of exigent circumstances, all security camera installations must be approved by the University Surveillance Review Panel to ensure compliance with a person's reasonable expectation of privacy.

Security Camera
Security Camera

University surveillance cameras are only used in a professional, ethical, and legal manner, consistent with all existing State and Federal Laws and Universities policies including Board of Trustee policy Chapter 5, Equal Opportunity, Discrimination or Harassment, and section 5.1 Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment.

Only authorized personnel, as determined by the Office of Administration, have access to the surveillance camera system. Any request for surveillance footage must either be authorized by the Surveillance Review Panel and/or the Office of Administration, or by the University Freedom of Information Officer through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. For more information see the University policy 2.5001, “Use of Surveillance and Monitoring Technology.”


Campus Emergency Phones

Michigan Tech has strategically installed security and emergency phones on campus designated by an illuminated blue light. "Blue light" phones connect directly to Public Safety and Police Services Dispatch. Once contacted, Public Safety and Police Services Dispatch will send an officer and any other necessary (fire, EMS) services to assist.

Emergency Phone
Emergency Phone

Elevators are equipped with emergency phones that also connect directly with Public Safety and Police Services. The purpose of these phones is to communicate that either the elevator has failed and needs assistance, or that it is serving as an area of refuge during a building emergency or alarm activation.

If you are trapped in an elevator, remain calm, use the emergency phone, and assistance will arrive shortly.