Weapon Registration and Storage

Current Faculty, Staff, and Students

Current faculty, staff and students can register their weapons through Banweb under Personal Information.  You will enter the weapon type, make, model, serial number and any additional weapon information.  Once entered you have the option to print or email the proof of registration.  When transporting your weapon on campus to Public Safety and Police Services or to the range you must be able to show this proof of registration.

Campus Visitors

If you are not a current Michigan Tech faculty, staff, or student, please use the visitor weapon registration website to provide your personal information, weapon information, and print or email proof of registration.  The weapon must be registered in the name of the person physically in possession of the weapon while on campus.  You will be provided with a password to access your information in the future.  This information can be edited or deleted at any time by logging back into the system.  An information update reminder email will be sent annually.

Residence Hall Students

Weapons, firearms, and ammunition are not permitted in the residence halls, including paintball and airsoft equipment.  You can store your weapons at Public Safety and Police Services.  Please read the information provided in the slider below before bringing your weapon to Public Safety and Police Services.

Weapon Storage Information

After filling out the Weapons Registration form listed above and obtaining proof of registration, bring your weapon to Public Safety and Police Services at any time.  All persons storing firearm(s) must ensure that the weapon is rendered 'safe' BEFORE handing the weapon to an officer or dispatcher.  For the purpose of this process, the word 'safe' means that the weapon is unloaded, the safety (if applicable) is engaged and a trigger lock or chamber block (either or, depending on the type of weapon) is in place and clearly visible.  Weapons that do not meet this condition will not be accepted.  If you do not have, or have not had the opportunity to purchase a trigger lock, trigger locks are available at the Public Safety and Police Services building on a temporary basis and may be used until you are able to purchase your own.  Currently we do not have any chamber blocks on hand.

The Department of Public Safety and Police Services reserves the right to refuse to return any weapon if it appears that the person receiving the weapon may be:

  • Intoxicated (either drugs or alcohol)
  • Emotionally unstable
  • Acting irrationally
  • Any reason the department feels that, by returning the weapon may jeopardize the safety of any person.

Under the above circumstances, weapons will be returned only if and when it appears that whatever condition caused the refusal to return the weapon has been rectified.

Your HuskyCard (or M number and valid photo ID) is required to check-in or remove a registered weapon.  Cases will not be stored, but are required for check-out of guns.

Weapons check out time: 6 a.m. until 8 p.m.
Weapons check in time: 24 hours a Day