5.08 — Public Safety Oversight Committee

Effective: 04/01/2016
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: University President
Responsible Office: Office of Administration

Policy Statement

In order to promote public trust and confidence, Michigan Tech is committed to creating and maintaining an open and transparent system of investigating and reviewing public complaints against law enforcement officers or the Department of Public Safety and Police Services.

Policy Requirements

In accordance with Public Act 120 of the Public Acts of 1990 of the State of Michigan, the Oversight Committee will consist of two faculty, two staff, and two currently enrolled students. Additional members may be appointed at the University President’s discretion, including members from the Department of Public Safety and Police Services.

The University President will convene the Oversight Committee on an ad-hoc basis.

The Oversight Committee is formed and convened by the University President and reports any findings and recommendations to the Vice President for Administration.


The Public Safety Oversight Committee (Oversight Committee) is a legislative requirement (Public Act 120 of the Public Acts of 1990 of the State of Michigan) for institutions that grant to their public safety officers (hereafter, “University law enforcement officers”) the same powers and authority as are granted by law to police officers to enforce laws, ordinances, and regulations.  The sole purpose of the Oversight Committee is to receive and address grievances by persons against the University law enforcement officers or the Department of Public Safety and Police Services; the Oversight Committee may make recommendations to the Vice President for Administration regarding disciplinary measures to be taken against any University law enforcement officer who is found responsible for misconduct in office.

The Oversight Committee will oversee and review the investigation of complaints received to ensure that responsible procedures have been followed and actions are taken in a timely manner, when warranted.

The Oversight Committee recognizes the responsibility of the Department of Public Safety and Police Services to safeguard the rights of all citizens, faculty, staff and students. The Oversight Committee will deal only with concerns about the conduct of University law enforcement officers and the Department of Public Safety and Police Services regarding University and/or Department policy. The Oversight Committee has no power to change or modify state law, University Ordinance, University policy, contracts with duly recognized bargaining units, or departmental policies and procedures. If, in the judgment of the Oversight Committee, changes in policies or procedures are necessary, it is the responsibility of the Oversight Committee to recommend such to the University President.


The Oversight Committee is responsible solely for overseeing investigation of complaints against University police officers and/or the Department of Public Safety and Police Services, for recommending whether disciplinary measures be taken in response to such complaint, and recommending changes to University policies and procedures.

Related Policy Information

Public Safety Officers (Excerpt): Act 120 of 1990P

DPSPS Department Directive C-14 “Citizen Complaint/Professional Standards Investigation


Commissioner of Public Safety & Police Services 487-0325
Office of Administration  487-3348
Office of the President 487-2200


Vice President for Administration – Notify the University President of a complaint and request that the President convene the Public Safety Oversight Committee.

University President – Convene the Public Safety Oversight Committee as outlined in Procedure 5.08.1


In support of this policy, the following procedures are included:



 Formation and Duties of the Public Safety Oversight Committee

Adoption Date

04/13/2017 Approved by University President


04/13/2017 Transfer of policy page from HTML to CMS. Campus and Facilities numbers renamed from "2.5000" to "5.00 Campus and Facilities". Specifically, "5.100.7 — Public Safety Oversight Committee" was changed to "5.08 — Public Safety Oversight Committee".