Public Safety and Police Services

Additional Assistance

Safe Walk

Douglass Houghton HallSafe Walk provides a safe, escorted walk to and from campus locations. If you feel unsafe walking on campus at any time or for any reason, please call Public Safety and Police Services (906-487-2216) to request a Safe Walk. The Safe Walk program is not provided to or from off campus locations. This service is free of charge.

Operation ID

LaptopPublic Safety and Police Services has engravers available to lend out. You may borrow an engraver by stopping by Public Safety and Police Services. These can be used to engrave your name or other unique identifier on your valuable items.

Sex Offender Registration

Michigan State Police BadgeIn accordance with state and federal laws, it is mandatory that registered sex offenders taking classes, living, or working at Michigan Tech report to the Department of Public Safety and Police Services. Visit the State of Michigan Sex Offender Website.