Lost and Found

The Department of Public Safety and Police Services is the main Lost and Found location on campus.  Items of major value are held for safekeeping for up to six months.  After an appropriate time has elapsed, the items are disposed of according to applicable state law.  

Several buildings on campus also maintain a Lost and Found for items found in that building.  Items of minor value are kept at the areas for up to 30 days then disposed of to a local charitable facility.  Major value items are forwarded to the Department of Public Safety and Police Services within 48 hours of intake.  If you lost an item in any of the buildings listed below be sure to check with them as well as with our office.

TIP: Keep sight of your belongings at all times or secure items in a safe manner.

BIKES: If you bring your bicycle to campus be sure to register it for free with our easy online form (Michigan Tech ISO login required).  In the event that your bicycle is lost or stolen on campus, contact our office at 906-487-2216.  Bicycles found on campus will also be included in the listing of found items below.  Please contact us for more details if you think one of them could be yours.

Building Lost and Found Location
Campus Wide Public Safety  and Police Services - Widmaier House
Douglass Houghton Hall (DHH) Reception Desk
JRVP and Opie Library Library and IT Service Center
McNair Hall Reception Desk
Memorial Union Room 101
R.L. Smith Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Building Room 815
Rozsa Center Room 108
Student Development Complex (SDC) Ticket Office
Student Service Center Administration Building 103
Wadsworth Hall Reception Desk

List of Lost & Found Items at Public Safety and Police Services

To claim a found item you will need to provide a photo ID and detailed description of your item.                                                                                      
 March 2015
Medal Key


Key chain with car/house key Earbuds
Wallet Earrings
Ring Necklace
Key Headphones
Car Key Key
Souvenir Hockey Stick Phone
Key Chain w/ house key IPod
IPhone Lanyard w/ Vehicle key
Phone IPod
Chrysler car key Lanyard w/ Chev Key, house keys, remote
Prescription Glasses Sunglasses
 February 2015
 Mitten Glove
 Mitten Phone
Red/Silver Bicycle IPod
Car Key Glove
Charger CD
Car Key Sunglasses
Keys Key
Key Key
Watch Watch
Heart Rate Sensor Scarf
 January 2015
 I-Clicker Glasses
Glasses Watch
Wristband Gloves
Key Keys
Glasses Glasses
Necklace Ear Buds in case
Mittens Purse
Car Key
 December 2014
 Hat Glasses
 November 2014
 Car Keys Glasses
 Ring I-Pod
 Car Door Opener Ring
 Purse Watch
 Phone Glasses
Calculator Calculator
Calculator Mongoose (Silver, black & Red)
Glasses Calculator
Sweatshirt Mittens
Water Bottle Bag
Notebook I-Pod
Ear Piece Glasses
Roadmaster (Charcoal/Black) Next (Blue/White)
GT (White, Black & Red) Trek (Red)
Magna (Gray/Blue) Magna (Black/Dark Gray)
Next (Green) Mongoose (Red/Silver)
Pacific/Voyager (Blue/White) Schwinn (Red)
Schwinn (Gray) Huffy (White/Red)
Schwinn (Red) Royce Union (Black)
Giant (Red) Schwinn (Blue/Silver)
Roadmaster (Red) Schwinn (Red)
Roadmaster (Black) Magna (Red)
Roadmaster (Purple) Trek (Blue)
No Name (Green) Mongoose (Blue)
Giant (Yellow) River Sport (Green)
Huffy (Blue) Next (Blue)
Route 66 (Silver/Blue) Roadmaster (Pink/Gray)
Genesis (Black/White) Gary Fisher (Black/Gray)
Trek (Gray/Green) Mongoose (White/Red)
Magna (Red/Silver) Raleigh (Gray)
Huffy (Green) Haro (Blue)
Specialized (Red) No Name (White)
Next (Red/Black) Next (Maroon)
Next (Orange) Norco (Blue)
Roadmaster (Green) K2 (White)
Schwinn (Blue) Pacific (Red)
Hyper (Black/Gray) Motiv (Silver)
Excaliber (Black/White) Roadmaster (Silver)
Twenty Nine (Gray)
October 2014  
Aqua Blue Huffy  Bike Calculator
Watch Sunglasses
Key Key
Key Purse
USB Charger USB Charger
Necklace Key
Key Key
Key Laser Pen
I-Pod  Camera
 Hockey Puck  Musical Tuner