Online Advanced Photogrammetry and Mapping with UAS Certificate

A drone in flight.
Build your geospatial data skills working with real-world application scenarios.Train in photogrammetry, UAS-based and satellite imagery mapping and level up your career outlook with the online advanced photogrammetry and mapping with UAS certificate program.

Record, measure, and interpret spatial data.

Here’s your opportunity to learn the basics of photogrammetry and its role in spatial data collection. Understand the fundamentals of spaceborne imaging systems relevant to topographic mapping. Gain applied geospatial science and technology skills, including sensors and their calibration methods, digital photogrammetry and photogrammetric computer vision, UAS flight planning, EOS imagery photogrammetric processing, accuracy and digital representation of 2D products and 3D models.

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This online certificate is for qualified professionals who want to enhance their skill set and can be a foundation to continue toward a graduate degree. It is also valuable for degree-seeking students looking to develop a concentration that gives them an edge in their career path.

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