Work with Data that Is Revolutionizing Society

Michigan Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Statistics prepares students to work in industry or to pursue a graduate degree in statistics or an allied area, such as biostatistics, epidemiology, or analytics.

Big data is revolutionizing many areas of our society:

  • Marketers have increasingly used data to connect with consumers who are most likely to be interested in their products and services.
  • Modern automobiles collect large amounts of data that automotive engineers can use to improve designs.
  • Web-based companies, such as Google, collect and act on large amounts of data.
  • In addition, the collection and analysis of data continues to play a central role in medical research, quality control in manufacturing processes, environmental sciences, government and policy research, and other traditional areas of application.

The Career

Job opportunities in statistics are ubiquitous, especially for graduates who go on to complete a master's degree. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, though statistician positions have typically required a graduate degree in statistics or mathematics, an increasing number of positions are opening up for bachelor's-degree holders.

Our Curriculum

Michigan Tech's degree program includes foundational mathematics courses (calculus, linear algebra, and probability), along with core courses in statistical theory, applied statistics, and statistical computing. In addition, students choose an application area—a discipline in which statistical techniques are commonly applied—and complete a core of courses in that area.