Mathematics and Computer Science—BS

Math + CS: Harnessing the Digital Revolution

The expansive use and application of computing and computational thinking is transforming the way we use mathematics to solve problems. At the heart of many modern-day businesses is problem solving, whether that’s making incremental changes to enhance the efficiency of a business, or creating critical products and services for consumers. Increasingly, employers seek staff who are trained in computational thinking: the art of problem solving where the solution is represented in a form that can be executed on a computer. A BS in Mathematics and Computing from Michigan Tech can help hone your approach to computational problem solving, preparing you for a successful career in the 21st century.

Equip Yourself for Success

  • Engage in interdisciplinary coursework in both mathematics and computing, providing a solid foundation for computational thinking;

  • Specialize your degree, with minors in cyber-physical systems, software engineering,  statistics, or enterprise;

  • Gain valuable experience, joining an enterprise team or mentoring fellow Huskies in the Math Learning Center, or the College of Computing Learning Center;

  • Support your community, by joining the copper country coders and teach area kids how to code, or the copper country math circle and teach area kids the art of problem solving.

After earning Michigan Tech’s BS in Math + CS, you will be poised to launch your career or pursue graduate studies in a wide variety of fields (e.g., statistics, data science, software engineering, computer science, cybersecurity, health informatics, etc.)