Message from the Chair

Jiguang Sun

Welcome to the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Michigan Technological University! Mathematics and Statistics are of ever-increasing importance in science, technology, data analysis, and even popular culture, and the department plays a central role in the education and research at Michigan Tech. The department offers BS in Mathematics with options in Actuarial Science, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Business Analytics, Discrete Mathematics, Education Preparation, General Mathematics, BS in Statistics, BS in Mathematics and Computer Science, MS in Mathematics, MS in Statistics, MS in applied Statistics (online), PhD in Mathematics, and PhD in Statistics.


Here are some of our current highlights:


  • The department launched the New BS in Business Analytic, a joint program with the College of Business.
  • Welcome Robert Schneider, new Assistant Professor in Discrete Mathematics.
  • Welcome Timothy Wagner, new Assistant Teaching Professor.
  • Welcome Patrick McFall, new Assistant Teaching Professor.
  • The department ran a Summer Youth Program in Mathematics.
  • CAMS (Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics) provides free statistical consulting services to faculty and students.


Whether you are a prospective student looking for a degree program or a prospective faculty member looking for a department that supports high-quality teaching and cutting-edge research, I hope you will browse our webpages and find the information you seek. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jiguang Sun
Chair & Professor