Math Placement

Placement in an appropriate initial math course is crucial to your success at Michigan Tech. Our goal is to place you into the course that will provide the best opportunity to complete your degree in four years. 

Placement in Your Initial Math Course

Once you’ve been accepted to Michigan Tech, we will place you in your entry-level math course based on your highest ACT or SAT math score we have on file, or AP, IB, CLEP, or college credit for an equivalent math course. If you feel this placement is correct, you do not need to contact us or take the ALEKS placement. If you feel this placement is incorrect, you may challenge. If you do not have ACT, SAT, AP, IB, or CLEP scores, or a grade of C or higher in an equivalent math course, you will need to take the ALEKS placement.

Challenging Your Math Placement

We realize that some students will feel they have not been placed into the correct course. If you wish to challenge your placement, you must contact Ann Humes and you may choose to take the online ALEKS placement. If you choose to use ALEKS for placement, your best score of five (5) attempts will be used for your math placement. You can be placed in a lower course, and this result cannot be challenged.