Mathematical Sciences

Learning Center

COVID-19: Michigan Tech has suspended face-to-face learning center operations until further notice.  During this time, this Learning Center will offer assistance online. Follow the Appointment info below.



Online Appointments

Online appointments are a chance for you to work weekly with a coach on a one-on-one basis. You will have the opportunity to have questions answered about homework, review concepts from class, or study for exams. 

When are online appointments offered?

Appointments are offered during the fall and spring semesters. Appointments are offered both before and after our usual walk-in hours as well as during the day. Available slots can be found on TimeSlot.  If you cannot find a slot that fits into your schedule or need help signing up, please email

Online Walk-ins

Online walk-ins provide a chance for you to get some quick help with your math classes.  Stop by anytime during our online walk-ins hours to ask your math questions.

Hybrid Reviews

Hybrid reviews for MA1161 and MA2160 gives you a way to review the past week’s content from your class and ask and listen to questions in a group setting.  You can attend remotely or sign-up for attending in-person.

Online Instructions

Visit our instructions on how to sign up for online appointments, how to join our online walk-ins, and how to attend our hybrid reviews.  (You must be logged into your MTU Google account to access this site.) Appointment registration is open all semester. Walk-in hours are posted on the instructions as well. 

Email with any questions.