Actuarial Science

Prepare for a Top-Rated Profession

What is the likelihood of landing a rewarding job as an actuary? The odds are in your favor with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences, and a concentration in actuarial sciences. Add your aptitude for math to your interest in finance or business for a career consistently ranked among the top five jobs in the United States, based on environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands, security and stress, by sources including and Jobs Rated Almanac.

What is an actuary?

Make a difference with your skills, helping companies and individuals maintain sound finances. Actuaries use mathematics and statistics to evaluate probabilities and to manage the risks associated with possible scenarios. Employment opportunities for actuaries exist throughout the financial services sector of the economy, especially in the insurance industry, but also in commercial and investment banking, retirement-fund management, and more. Many actuaries act as consultants to large corporations.

Actuaries advance by passing a series of rigorous examinations administered by the Society of Actuaries. Course work at Michigan Tech prepares students directly for the first two exams and provides a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, and business that will lead to success on later exams.