Brett Hamlin

Brett Hamlin


  • Teaching Professor, Engineering Fundamentals
  • Instructor, Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology
  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Technological University
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Technological University


“Dr. Brett” is an enthusiastic faculty member dedicated to first year students and helping them make connections throughout their greater college experience. His vision is to bring global themes that are not only relevant to students but also meaningful to society as a whole. By applying themes across the first year, students are able to see the overt connections that lead to covert learning and self discovery. He currently leads efforts to bring expanded topics into the classroom. These include student wellness, Tech traditions, and community engagement. Dr. Brett has published one textbook on solid modeling, several articles on engineering education, and contributed to chapters in an outdoor emergency care textbook. He enjoys biking, skiing, and most other outdoor activities. He currently advises Michigan Tech's GEAR enterprise and serves as Director of the Mont Ripley Ski Patrol.

Brett is an active member of Michigan Tech’s IDEAhub, a human centered curriculum incubator. He is active in reforming Michigan Tech’s general education and transforming it to Essential Education.

Research Interests

  • Educational methods
  • Student engagement and experience
  • Student community development
  • Cross discipline holistic education