Information Technology

Michigan Tech IT Organizational Structure

Chief Information Office (CIO)

Josh Olson, Chief Information Officer

  • Jarrod Karau, Deputy Chief Information Officer
  • Steve Blackburn, Service Management Director
  • Dave Hale, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Patrice Myllyoja, Assistant to the Chief Information Officer
    • Erika Erkkila, Office Assistant 6
    • Amber Tuttle, Office Assistant 5

Deputy Chief Information Office (DCIO)

Jarrod Karau, Deputy Chief Information Officer

  • Scott Ackerman, Principal Systems Analyst
  • Dave Chard, Director of Media Technology Services
  • Emmett Golde, Director of EAS
  • Gowtham, Director of Research Computing
  • Pat Hopp, Director of IT Operations
  • Karen Maki, Assistant Director of IT Business Operations
  • Jen Terlep, System Administrator

IT Business Operations

Director of IT Business Operations (Vacant)

  • Karen Maki, Assistant Director of IT Business Operations
    • Jeff Hilss, IT Procurement Agent
    • Mary Beth Hodges, IT Inventory Control Clerk

Enterprise Application Services (EAS)

Emmett Golde, Director of EAS

  • Shellie Hubert, Assistant Director of EAS
  • Cody Adkins, System Administrator
  • Lawrence Atemkeng, Database Administrator
  • Andrew Brusso, Programmer/Analyst
  • Nick Brusso, Programmer
  • Thomas Flora, Programmer/Analyst
  • David Fredrickson, Senior Application Systems Analyst
  • Renee Greenley, Senior Programmer/Analyst
  • Gail North, Business Intelligence Developer
  • Kevin Peltola, Programmer/Analyst
  • Justin Ploe, Programmer/Analyst
  • Andrew Rollenhagen, Programmer/Analyst
  • Hans Storaker, Programmer/Analyst
  • Todd Van Valkenburg, Senior Programmer/Analyst

Media Technology Services (MTS)

David Chard, Director of Media Technology Services

  • Stephen Eles, Assistant Director of Media Technology Services
  • Eric Hackney, Multimedia Specialist
  • Mark Heinonen, Media Systems Engineer
  • Douglas Polzien, Electronic Multimedia Technician
  • Paul Raymond, Senior Media Systems Engineer


Pat Hopp, Director of IT Operations

  • Nancy Banfield, IT Operations Manager

  • Vince Alvarado, Technical Support Specialist

  • Jonathan Beck, Windows System Administrator
  • Eric Boersma, System Administrator
  • Greg Booth, Senior System Administrator and Technical Team Lead
  • Dan Brinks, Senior System Administrator and Technical Team Lead
  • Paul Burke, Associate Systems Administrator
  • Don Close, System Administrator
  • JoAnn Dombrowski, Telecommunications Tech II
  • James Frey, System Administrator
  • Angie Hebert, IT Support Coordinator
  • Henry King, System Administrator
  • Pat Krogel, Senior Application Systems Analyst
  • Jason Lieburn, Associate Systems Administrator
  • Josh Myles, Senior System Administrator
  • Will Nankervis, System Administrator
  • Gavril Panov, Personal Computer Specialist
  • Mitchell Paris, Windows System Administrator
  • Mac Reid, System Administrator
  • Michael Ross, Data Center Technician
  • Tim Ryan, System Administrator
  • Reilly Schreiber, System Administrator
  • Charlie Temple, IT Support Technician
  • Bryce Tuttle, System Administrator
  • Travis Williams, System Administrator
  • Brian Zarn, System Administrator
  • Vacant, System Administrator
  • Vacant, IT Operations Manager

Security and Compliance

David Hale, Chief Information Security Officer

  • Vacant, Senior IT Security Engineer
  • Chris Hannula, IT Security Analyst

Service Management

Steven Blackburn, Service Management Director

  • Amy Blake, IT Communication and Accessibility Manager
    • Will Schuett, Media and Web Specialist
  • Matt Bryan, Help Desk Manager
    • Eric Boatman, Help Desk Consultant
    • Nathan Eilola, Help Desk Consultant
    • Stephen Knudstrup, Help Desk Consultant
    • Mary Mongeau, Help Desk Support Specialist
    • Tracey Reed, Help Desk Consultant
  • Stefan Hurthibise, Presentation and Classroom Support Specialist
  • Brian Hutzler, Assistant Project Manager


Director of Telecommunications (Vacant)

  • Brian Agen, Telecommunications Technician
  • James Bialas, Network Engineer I/II
  • Todd Fox, Network Engineer
  • Nathan Hierl, Telecommunications Technician
  • Al Wakeham, Senior Telecommunications Engineer II