GLRC-ICC Rapid Seedling Awarded Grants

Summer 2023 Awards

ICC rapid seedling award winners Briana Bettin and Hoda HatoumGLRC rapid seedling recipients Lanrong Bi, Amy Marcarelli, Jay Meldrum, and Ashraf Saleem.

The Summer 2023 Rapid Seedling Grants awarded $59,992 for six separate proposals: 

PI: Briana Bettin, co-PI Leo Ureel, co-PI Laura Brown "Revealing the Hidden Curriculum: Advancing Student Learning, Equity, and Accessibility in Computing Education." $9,992 awarded. 

PI: Hoda Hatoum "Predicting patient prosthesis mismatch after aortic valve replacement." $10,000 awarded. 

PI: Lanrong Bi, co-PI Adrienne Minerick, co-PI Thomas Werner, co-PI Chunxiu Yu, co-PI Zhiying Shan "Cyanobacteria blooms in Lake Superior: Is it an environmental trigger for neurodegenerative diseases?" $10,000 awarded. 

PI: Amy Marcarelli, co-PI Jamey Anderson, co-PI Colin Brooks, co-PI Casey Huckins, co-PI Pengfei Xue "Autonomous characterization of the temporal dynamics of the Tobacco River plume in Keweenaw Bay, Lake Superior." $10,000 awarded. 

PI: Jay Meldrum "Electric boats in Traverse City West Bay." $10,000 awarded. 

PI: Ashraf Saleem, co-PI Erik Kocher, co-PI Thomas Oommen "Developing a UAV-based Miniature Cone Penetrometer for Terramechanics." $10,000 awarded.

Spring 2023 Awards

GLRC-ICC spring rapid seedling grant recipients.

The initial round of Rapid Seedling Grants provided $39,400 in awards to four separate projects: 

PI: Sriram Malladi "Integrating data-driven and physics-based modeling approaches for monitoring the shape of an underwater cable." $10,000 awarded. 

PI: Daisuke Minakata "Distributed Resource Recovery and Remediation of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (DR3PFAS)." $10,000 awarded. 

PI: Sidike Paheding, co-PI: Dukka KC, co-PI: Thomas Oommen "Mapping and Understanding Triggering Factors of Landslides via Transferable Deep Learning." $10,000 awarded. 

PI: Leo Ureel "Infinite Loop: An Online Journal for Undergraduate Applied Computing and Research." $9,400 awarded.