Honors Pathway Program

For Incoming First-Year Students

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Get to Know The Pavlis Honors College

Congratulations on your acceptance to Michigan Technological University! We're excited that you're considering applying for early admission to the Pavlis Honors College.

Apply for early admission now. Start your pathway later.

The full Honors Pathway Program is for students with at least sophomore-level standing. Since every student's pathway is different, we need to get to know you and you need to get to know the opportunities available through Pavlis before you can start making those decisions.

But you want to get started. To explore your passions. To make sure that you're more than a student ID on a degree flowchart—to make sure your college experience is unique to you. That's probably why you're interested in Michigan Tech. And it's why we created the early admission (sometimes called the pre-admit) program.

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What does early admission include?

A road map for your future

You'll take HON1150: Creating Your Path. This one-credit class will get you talking to other potential honors students across all majors, and help you map your unique path to success from your first week at Tech to your life beyond graduation.

In HON 1150, you'll:

  • Work with the honors faculty and in-class peer mentors who are upper-level honors students
  • Spend class time prepping for Career Fair, developing your personal Odyssey Plan, and learning Design Thinking and success skills that will last for a lifetime
  • Take time to pause, reflect, and focus on yourself! Your goals. Your plans. Your wants, needs, and self-care.

A built-in community (and maybe an en-suite bathroom)

Early admission students can opt to live in the Pavlis Living and Learning Community (LLC) on the first floor of Wadsworth Residence Hall. Created in 2019, the LLC gained recognition in its first year for its tight-knit community and thoughtful programs that will make you feel like a part of something bigger, without intruding on the rest of your college experience.

Learn more about the Pavlis LLC

Honors-only opportunities

Get access to a number of Pavlis-only activities, from meet-and-greets with Career Fair recruiters to family-style meals with Pavlis students, faculty, and staff.

A head start

Early admission students who take HON 1150 get to bypass the standard honors admissions process. You'll create your video in HON 1150, and you'll be greenlit to register for HON 2150 and begin your full honors pathway. No additional applications required.

What doesn't early admission include?

GPA requirements

You've decided to attend Michigan Tech—you're smart enough. We're looking for the do-ers, the innovators, the researchers, and the leaders who follow their passions and want to join and build strong communities. In your future career, raises and promotions probably won't be based on your high school GPA, but they will probably include some version of the Pavlis Honors Abilities that you'll be developing from day one. 


Ask most people why they came to Michigan Tech, and they'll say something like "I did a campus tour and I just knew it felt like home. These were my people." We agree! That's why we've structured the early admission and full honors pathway programs to complement your time at Tech, not take it over. Early admission students will take one one-credit honors class during their first year, but your other classes will be with the rest of the Tech community. Later, your full honors curriculum won't replace the Tech experiences that brought you to Houghton—it'll enhance them.


If you explore the Pavlis curriculum as a first-year and are not interested in continuing in the full Honors Pathway Program, that's okay! Early-admit status doesn't require you to continue with the program for your entire time at Tech. 

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A broomball match at dusk
Early admission is just one small part of your first year at Tech—you'll still have time to meet new people, play broomball, hike waterfalls, join clubs, and more.
Alumni spotlight

Pavlis Honors College has been one of the most amazing experiences I've had at Michigan Tech. It has shaped my entire experience, in class and out of class. 

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Elise Cheney-Makens '19
Biochemistry/Molecular biology major