Pavlis Honors College

Why should you get involved with Pavlis?

Michigan Tech students contemplating getting involved with the Pavlis Honors College.

Preparing students to create the future, Developing the skills to lead the way

Pavlis Honors College emphasizes the importance of enhancing your education outside the classroom. Through project management and leadership experiences, Pavlis students develop confidence and attain valuable career skills that differentiate Honors Pathway Program graduates from their peers. Our interdisciplinary team of faculty and staff advisors provide one-on-one coaching that will help fulfill any academic aspiration.

What benefits does the Honors Pathway Program provide?

  • Engage with a community of like-minded scholars and leaders
  • Be eligible for scholarship opportunities available exclusively to Pavlis Honors Pathway Program students
  • Get priority admission and scholarship consideration as an NCHC member
  • Attend professional conferences
  • Network with visiting industry speakers and alumni
  • Attain valuable career skills that differentiate you from your peers and enable you to lead with confidence
  • Gain 24/7 access to the Pavlis Collaboration Space
  • Reserve the Enterprise Collaboration and Communication Space for meetings or web conferences
  • Increase opportunities to be mentored and grow your professional network
  • Receive honors recognition on your diploma and transcript

What do Pavlis students do?

Pavlis students are required to complete five components to graduate with honors from Michigan Tech. How they fulfill those components is completely up to them. Check out our student spotlights to learn more about what our students do.  

Still not convinced?

We asked our current students and alumni about their experiences with the Pavlis Honors College. Here's what they said

Stop by our offices in room 722 of the M&M Building to set up an appointment with a Pavlis staff or faculty member.