Graduate School

Graduate Assistant Cost Share (GACS)

Michigan Tech’s Graduate School is able to provide cost share for proposals authored by members of the graduate faculty and submitted through Michigan Tech according to the following guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • GACS support will only be made available to support graduate students pursuing the highest degree awarded by a particular program.
    • For example, if a graduate program offers a PhD degree in addition to an MS degree, GACS support will only be made available to support students pursuing the PhD degree.
  • Once Michigan Tech’s commitment of graduate student support is disclosed in a proposal budget as cost share, Michigan Tech becomes contractually obligated at that level of support if the project is awarded.
  • The dollars committed by the Graduate School for graduate student support must be used to support graduate students.
    • If a PI is unable to use GACS funding to support graduate students, the contractual obligation for cost share will have to be met using other funds (e.g., departmental or incentive account funds).
  • PIs who encounter difficulties in using GACS support should contact the Graduate School to renegotiate their cost-share agreement in a timely manner.
    • PIs who fail to use graduate student funds in an appropriate way will not be eligible to receive GACS support in the future.

Contact Person

  • The Sponsored Programs Office can answer routine questions about budgets and assist PIs in the preparation of budgets that will include GACS support.
  • The Graduate School finance coordinator (currently Heather Suokas) will be the primary Graduate School contact person for the GACS program.

Commitment Guidelines

When cost share is mandatory

GACS support will be available.

  • The Graduate School will provide up to a maximum of 50 percent of the total required cost-share.
    • For example, if the total cost of a project will be $50k and a 1:1 match is required from Michigan Tech ($25k), the Graduate School will commit up to a maximum of $12.5k in cost share (50 percent of the total required cost share).
  • GACS will only be available for summer support (stipend plus minimum full-time tuition [one credit]).
    • To be eligible for GACS summer support, proposals must also include full-time academic-year support for students so that students receive continuous support from the project using a combination of sponsor, university and/or, GACS funds.
    • GACS cost-share summer support will be for a maximum of two students per project year. Incremental increases for multiple year budgets will not be included.

Support for large or strategic proposals

  • GACS support may be available for large proposals (>$500k/year) that involve investigators from multiple units on campus and contribute significantly to the University’s mission.
  • GACS support may also be available for proposals that reinforce strategic initiatives (e.g., the National Science Foundation CAREER program).
  • Requests related to large and strategic proposals should be submitted through the Graduate School finance coordinator.
    • Requests will be considered on an individual basis by the dean of the Graduate School.
    • Augmented GACS support for large proposals (>$500k/year) that also require cost-share will be considered on a case-by-case basis.