Degree Options

A satellite in space above earth.

MS in Integrated Geospatial Technology

The Master's program is designed to represent the diversity within the body of knowledge that comprises Integrated Geospatial Technology. The specific set of courses a student takes to meet the requirements of the degree is meant to be flexible to allow a customized program that will satisfy specific research or project interests.

It is assumed that each student will take at least 2 courses from at least 2 different areas and specialize in one area in order to understand the essence of integrated approaches to solving real life problems. The tables below provide examples of possible study plans; actual degree plans will vary and will reflect a customized plan of study developed by students in consultation with their advisor. Note that Plan A is a traditional thesis-oriented degree, Plan B includes course work and a project or practicum with a company, and Plan C is a course work-only option.


Each student must submit any necessary forms for their degree option to document their progress with the Graduate School. Individual option requirements are as follows.

Sample Study Plans

These plans are not official lists of degree requirements. Adjustments may be required due to curriculum changes.