Senior Design Projects 2018-19

Mont Ripley flood damage

Stabilization of Mont Ripley Ski Slope Failure

Sponsor: none
Conduct a slope stability and hydrological analysis of the slope failure that occurred during the Father's Day Flood in June 2018. Propose several solutions to restore the ski run (Deer Run) while stabilizing the slope to withstand future rainfall events to protect residents of Ripley that were affected during the flood.
Final Project Report: Powderstash Run Failure: Analysis and Stability Report
Final Project Presentation: Mont Ripley Slope Failure

Design a Mining Operation for a Gold Deposit, Final Design

Private. Details subject to nondisclosure agreement

The overall project goals are to develop detailed plans for an underground mine to extract the gold deposit. Plans will include updated resource models, preliminary plans for materials handling and mineral processing, consideration of technical aspects for mine permits (including acid rock drainage), and stability analysis tailing-pile slopes. The updated resource models will incorporate new data on the deposit mineralogy. Ore and host rock will be studied to understand the petrology and petrogenesis of the deposit. The petrogenesis might aid in siting the locations of new drill holes to characterize the deposit.