Interdisciplinary Programs

Atmospheric Sciences showing aurora and trees.

Atmospheric Sciences

The interdisciplinary program of Atmospheric Science combines the physical, chemical, and biological processes affecting the atmosphere, with the fundamentals of atmospheric systems to contribute solutions to the most challenging atmospheric sciences questions of our day.  Students will work with faculty spanning five departments, incorporating expertise and research over multiple areas of emphasis.

Computational Science and Engineering showing students at a computer.

Computational Science and Engineering

This distinctive degree tackles emerging problems in engineering and science through the investigation and application of current software and hardware technologies.

Watch Terrain Traversing: X Marks the Spot video
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Terrain Traversing: X Marks the Spot

3 Minute Thesis Competition

“Treasure nowadays isn't the classic silver and gold. It is our friends and family serving their time and risking their lives in unknown territories for our safety and freedom.”Jordan Ewing, graduate student in computational science and engineering, winner of the 2020 3MT Competition