Mission and Vision


We prepare students to understand and safely manage Earth and its resources for the future.


The Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences intends to be nationally recognized through education and research programs in geological engineering, mining engineering, geology, and geophysics. These programs emphasize applications and the development of new technology in understanding and safe management of Earth and its resources. The department strives to foster an environment in which students learn to think, conduct research, apply knowledge, and achieve success in a diverse and changing global economy.

Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences fully support the University’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity. We value diversity in all its forms in every facet of our research, education, mentoring, professional service, and social activities in and outside the department. Moreover, we are committed to inclusion and equity for access to services, facilities, equipment, resources, and programs, and in all activities, including collaborations with peers and colleagues and interactions with the public. Every member of our department and those with whom we interact can expect to be safe from harassment and discrimination. Likewise, everyone is committed to treating others respectfully. This expectation applies without restriction to time, including outside of work hours, or location (domestic and abroad), activity (fieldwork and conferences), and whether interacting in person or in all digital forms. Fairness and equity are expected regardless of the nature of one’s position, status, or affiliations. Every reported violation will undergo investigation and due process in accordance with university policies. Our beliefs in and commitments to these values are foundational and expected to continue after graduation. Our commitment to inclusion and equity are grounded in the belief that acting appropriately is paramount to building a culture of respect. We will advance and build our workforce by assessing hiring practices and performance review procedures to attract, retain, and develop talented faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. Our continued commitment embraces new ideas of what diversity, equity, and inclusion means and encompasses. As a department, we actively seek to create a safe environment that embraces all groups and fosters an atmosphere supportive of diversity, inclusion, and equity in all its forms and everyone may feel a sense of belonging in the department and university.

“Responsible” Employees/Mandatory Reporting

Starting point for all University policies pertaining to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity and procedures for reporting and due process.