Conference/Seminar Registration Fees

When possible, conference/seminar registration fees should be charged to a University purchasing card. If a University purchasing card in not available and the registration has been paid by the attendee, a travel expense report should be submitted for reimbursement.  You can also request payment directly to the vendor by submitting a check request.

When a University purchasing card is used to pay registration fees, the department is responsible for submitting any registration materials directly to the conference or seminar. Registration fees must then be allocated to the proper travel account code (E701).

To pay the fees with a check request, complete the online check request form. Registration materials and documentation indicating what the registration fee includes can be uploaded as an attachment to the check request or submitted to Financial Services and Operations separately (make sure to reference the specific check request number). Financial Services and Operations will issue the payment and mail it, along with the registration forms, directly to the payee.