Michigan Tech will pay only actual room costs supported by the hotel bill for each day that lodging away from home is required for business reasons. When traveling, employees are expected to use good quality but reasonably priced hotels or motels whenever practical. It is understood that when attending a conference, travelers will stay at the conference hotel.

Airbnb and Vrbo may be used for lodging as long as there is an appropriate cost justification detailing an equivalent cost or savings. If there are additional ground transportation costs of staying at an Airbnb or Vrbo, these costs must be included.

Payment and Reimbursement

The minimum corporate/government rate should always be requested. The University purchasing card is the preferrred method to pay for lodging. Lodging must be allocated to travel code E708. The original paid itemized hotel bill should be attached to the Concur expense report for reimbursement.

Reservations and Cancellations

It is the employee's responsibility to cancel a reservation. The person canceling the reservation should note the cancellation number and the name of the person accepting the cancellation call. Lodging costs due to failure to cancel will be deducted from subsequent reimbursement.

If there is a chance that your arrival will be later than the required check-in time, employees should request a guaranteed late-arrival reservation on their credit card.

Private-Residence Allowance

An allowance of $10/night may be claimed if staying at a private residence with family or friends (E726).