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COVID-19 Testing Information for Employees

Temporary and regular employees who work 20 or more hours per week may receive up to two free asymptomatic COVID-19 tests on campus during the spring 2021 semester.

Employees who work fewer than 20 hours per week but whose work puts them in regular, direct contact with the public or students should contact Human Resources if they are interested in being tested. Asymptomatic testing for employees does not extend to student-employees, who will be asked to participate in the University's ongoing student surveillance testing program.

All testing is voluntary. We ask members of the Husky community to join us in this effort to keep our campus healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Testing is provided by Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center (UGL). However, you may also choose to use your own preferred provider and inform Michigan Tech of the test results to be included in the program. Michigan Tech is not able to guarantee that asymptomatic testing other than that offered in partnership with UGL will be free of charge at this time.

Michigan Tech COVID-19 Testing: Process, Type of Tests, and Costs

Schedule a Test

If you would like to schedule an asymptomatic COVID-19 test with UGL, please text Hello to 906-257-9677 and follow the prompts. Those who do not have access to texting can schedule an appointment by calling 906-483-1860.

Please be aware that UGL is currently receiving a high number of calls. While their goal is to return phone calls and schedule appointments as rapidly as possible, wait times for both may fluctuate depending on demand and other factors.

Prior to or after scheduling your test, you may receive an email from UGL asking you to complete your profile on the UGL Patient Portal.

Screenshot of the registration email.

A sample email from UGL. The message will be addressed to you, include introduction text, and provide a link to your patient portal along with your username. Information about the features in the portal and how to unsubscribe are also included.

Completing your patient profile by following the emailed instructions will let you view your test results online. If you are already a web-enabled UGL patient (i.e. you use the Healow app or website to communicate with your doctor or access your medical records), you will not receive an email. If you are a UGL patient who is not web-enabled and has not yet received an email to complete your patient profile, you may call the UGL Clinic at 906-483-1860 to start the process.

Testing Location

Update: With the exception of January 11-22, on-campus asymptomatic testing done by UGL will take place in the MUB Alumni Lounge. From January 11-22, on-campus asymptomatic testing will take place in the Multipurpose Room of the Student Development Complex. During that time period, the MUB Alumni Lounge will be the testing location for symptomatic individuals only. 

If You Experience COVID-19 Symptoms

The asymptomatic testing program is not intended to be used by symptomatic individuals or individuals who have been in close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19—those tests are always available and are covered by insurance.

If you experience COVID-19 symptoms, please reach out to the UGL Clinic at 906-483-1860 or your preferred medical provider to discuss your symptoms and arrange for potential testing. If you have trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, an inability to wake or stay awake, bluish lips or face, or other symptoms that are severe or concerning to you, please call 911 right away. 

If you think you are a close contact, please fill out the Daily Symptom Monitoring Form and respond “Yes” to the question that asks whether you’ve been in close contact with someone you know or suspect to be infected with COVID-19.

About the Test

The COVID-19 test is painless and quick. A soft oropharyngeal swab is briefly applied to the back of your throat by a trained UGL testing staff member. The swab is then placed in a vial and sent to the testing lab on campus. The results will be made available electronically, likely within two to three business days.

Viewing Your COVID-19 Test Results

  • Log on to the UGL Patient Portal.
  • From the dashboard, locate the Latest Results section and click on the COVID-19 MTU lab order to find your result. You may also see the result directly under the lab order.

Lastest Results screen from UGL Patient Portal

Interpreting Your Test Results

After receiving a COVID-19 test through UGL, you will receive one of two results:

  • Not Detected: The virus was not detected in your individual sample.
  • Detected: The virus was detected in your individual sample.

If You Do Not Know Your Login Information

Account Recovery page on UGL Patient Portal

  • Select "Trouble logging in."
  • Select "Forgot Username", then select "Next."
  • Fill out the demographic information. You will be sent an email to recover your account.