MTU Flex

Flex Task Force

The MTU Flex Task Force is made up of Michigan Tech community members who regularly oversee all aspects of life on campus. Their perspectives, leadership, and experience provide the necessary skills and professional resources to plan, implement, and adjust MTU Flex guidance as the situation requires. The return to campus will be managed by the MTU Flex Task Force in accordance with state guidelines, in close communication with the local health department, and following the guidance set forth by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

MTU Flex Task Force

    • Chair—Sarah Schulte, general counsel and secretary to the Board of Trustees
    • Project Manager—Joel Isaacson, associate athletic director
    • Academics, Research—Jackie Huntoon, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs
    • Communications—John Lehman, vice president for university relations and enrollment
    • Facilities, Dining—Theresa Coleman-Kaiser, associate vice president for administration
    • Human Resources, Finance—Sue Kerry, chief financial officer and senior vice president for administration
    • Health, Safety, Medical Response—Brian Cadwell, director of public safety and police services, chief of police
    • Student Life—Bonnie Gorman, dean of students

Working Groups


Jackie Huntoon, Alexandra Guth, Amie Ledgerwood, Heather Suokas, Michael Meyer, Theresa Jacques, Theresa Coleman-Kaiser, Dave Chard, Mary Raber, Laura Bulliet, Will Cantrell, Audrey Mayer, Jake Guter, Charles Kerfoot, Steve Knudstrup, Michael Mauer, Zofia Freiberg, Jeff Allen, Paul Charlesworth, Dave Reed, Allison Mills, Jessie Tobias

Health and Safety

Brian Cadwell, Amber Bennett, Ian Repp, Joe Cooper, Alexandra Marshall, Scott Wendt, Theresea Coleman-Kaiser, Jon Stone, Roy Britz


John Lehman, Ian Repp, Stefanie Sidortsova, Cyndi Perkins, Allison Mills, Jessie Tobias, Mark Wilcox, Kelley Christensen

Facilities and Dining

Theresea Coleman-Kaiser, Bob Hiltunen, Daryl Matthews, Dan Liebau, Tim Griffin, Larry Hermanson, Matt Weekley, Brian Cadwell, Scott Wendt, Cyndi Perkins

Human Resources

Sue Kerry, Renee Hiller, Nick Stevens, Cat Burns, Danielle Cyrus, Josh Olson, Julie Seppala, Theresa Coleman-Kaiser

Student Life

Bonnie Gorman, Kellie Raffaelli, Laura Bulliet, Susan Liebau, Matt Weekley, Stefanie Sidortsova


Bill Roberts, Jodi Lehman, Cody Kangas

Contact Tracing and Testing

Sarah Schulte, Brian Cadwell, Caryn Heldt, Cari DiGiorgio, Kelly Kamm, Suzanne Sanregret, Zach DeYoung, Whitney Boroski, Danielle Cyrus, Emmett Golde, Bonnie Gorman, Joel Isaacson, Ian Repp, Melissa Michaelson