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COVID-19 Pandemic Leave Protocol

Michigan Tech will provide up to 80 hours of paid Pandemic Leave to faculty and staff (prorated for part-time employees) for use during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the Pandemic Leave is available for absences related to the situations outlined here, the first step for all employees is to talk to their supervisor about working remotely whenever possible.

When to Use the COVID-19 Pandemic Leave Earn Code

A Pandemic Leave earn code has been created in Michigan Tech Banner for use when an absence is related to COVID-19. Employees should use the Pandemic Leave earn code when entering a qualified absence on their time sheets. Qualified absences include:

  • Faculty or staff's own illness related to COVID-19
  • Caring for an immediate family member whose illness is related to COVID-19
  • Caring for others due to dependent care and school closures, when remote work or other dependent care options are not available
  • Quarantine/isolation due to COVID-19 symptoms or possible exposure to the virus, when remote work options are not available
  • Faculty and staff’s prohibition from returning to campus due to international travel or possible exposure
  • Lack of work

In these situations, the Pandemic Leave earn code must be used first, before using other paid time off such as sick, vacation, and personal days. Time off using this absence code can be used in hourly increments (hourly employees) or for full or half-days (exempt employees) as needed. When requesting Pandemic Leave, faculty and staff should follow normal protocols and discuss requests with their supervisors. Supervisor approval must be obtained for all Pandemic Leave. 

Pandemic Leave is available for use through the end of the current fiscal year (June 30, 2020) and does not carry over or pay out to employees. It does not apply to those employees who do not earn vacation and/or sick time.

Absences requiring more than the 80 hours provided will follow existing policies for paid time off. Faculty and staff who are sick unrelated to COVID-19 or caring for family members who are sick unrelated to COVID-19 should use regular sick leave. Staff who are taking leave unrelated to COVID-19 that would normally be vacation leave should use vacation or personal days.

As always, employee-to-supervisor communication is critical. For additional information, please contact or 906-487-2130. For information regarding the circumstances that qualify for this leave, please contact Human Resources at or 906-487-2800.