Several transportation options are available for navigating campus and downtown Houghton in fall and spring semesters. The Shopping Shuttle runs four days per week all summer.

  • Shopping Shuttle operates Wednesday through Saturday during the summer, with social distancing protocols in place. There is no Shopping Shuttle service on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, so please plan ahead for your shopping needs. Houghton City continues to offer on-demand service at 906-482-6092. It is $3 each way for service in Houghton and $4 each way to go to Hancock and back. Here is a sign-up sheet for transportation to ensure that only 10 people ride the shuttle at a time.
  • Husky Campus Shuttle, City Commuter Shuttle, and Daniell Heights Shuttle are available during fall and spring semesters. See our complete list of shuttles.
  • The Daniell Heights bus, the City Commuter Shuttle, and the Shopping Shuttle do not run during the summer.