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Academic Support Services

Michigan Tech provides academic support in a variety of ways, through the faculty advisor and the advisory committee, departmental faculty, the Graduate Programs Committees in the department, the Graduate School, the Graduate Student Government, and a host of student organizations.

Student Support Services

Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success

The Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success staff encourages the growth of Michigan Tech students through the development of relationships, attitudes, values, and skills. They support students and their families with the transition to University life and the navigation of its many challenges and opportunities. All staff members are available virtually and can assist you with whatever you need. Contact them today.

Academic Success Coaches

Virtual appointments with Academic Success Coaches are available to assist you at Michigan Tech. Success Coaches have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and understand what it takes to be successful at Michigan Tech. They can help you with time management, study skills, and skills and habits that support academic success.

Departmental Resources

Departments provide discipline-specific resources for advising, mentoring, and professional development. Contact your graduate program director, academic advisor, or department chair for more information.

Excelling the Student Experience of Learning

The Excelling the Student Experience of Learning (ExSEL) Program can be a great resource in helping you achieve your academic goals. ExSEL offers academic support through services including: Frameworks for Success (UN 1000) course, peer mentoring, one-on-one staff support, academic progress monitoring, and campus resource referrals. Select new students receive invitations to join ExSEL for their first fall semester, but the program is open to all undergraduate students at Michigan Tech during fall and spring semesters. For more information, contact

Husky Hour Workshops

Husky Hour Workshops are available to help you develop good academic, wellness, and mental health skills, and can help improve your academic performance and overall well-being. Husky Hour is filled with hacks for a balanced life. These workshops, delivered through the Zoom video conferencing platform, have been designed to help you find success and enjoy your time more thoroughly during your years here at Michigan Tech.

Multiliteracies Center

The Multiliteracies Center (MTMC) provides help with writing, research, presentations and intercultural communication. Students can schedule face-to face as well as asynchronous and synchronous virtual appointments with MTMC coaches.

Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services provide support and resources for students with or without a documented disability. Students do not need to have documentation of a disability to discuss strategies for college success with the coordinator of student disability services. Incoming students who would like to meet with the coordinator should make a virtual appointment as early as possible in their first semester.

Technology Support


The Graduate School organizes the WRITE-D program to support graduate students’ writing in their specific disciplines. Email for more information.

Faculty and Staff Support Services

CHAT Attach Locations

Clear, full-duplex audio conferencing for medium and large conference rooms. No matter where participants are seated, conversations are natural and effortless with even distribution of microphones and loudspeakers with centralized access to controls. Plug-and play installation makes it simple to use this sleek, professional audio solution for USB conference calls or audio playback. See CHAT Attach locations on campus.

Flex Fall Teaching Resources

As instructors ramp up for the fall flex semester be sure to bookmark the Flex Fall Teaching Resources page which the CTL and IDEA Hub will be using as a "one stop shop" for questions and answers about teaching.  

Technology Support