MTU Flex

Academic Experience

Michigan Tech is dedicated to learning in an immersive, hands-on, first-person environment. We intentionally recruit students who seek out tactile disciplines and learn best when actively involved in the work. That's not going to change.

We want you in the lab. We want you collaborating with your Enterprise team. We want you immersed in cutting-edge, hands-on discovery in research laboratories, in the field, in the community, in the forest, in water, and in the air. We want you to take part in passionate intellectual debates with students and faculty from different perspectives that lead to new knowledge and personal growth. We want you in the library late at night making that one (maybe last-minute) discovery that makes everything make sense. But as part of the ongoing effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, it may be necessary to adjust what a Michigan Tech education looks like.

Returning to Campus Safely

We are planning to resume on-campus learning and teaching in the fall and we will make changes to accommodate any disruptions. That's why we're introducing MTU Flex.

MTU Flex will allow us to keep delivering the same high-quality course materials regardless of what the public health situation calls on us to do to keep you safe. This means that if we need to pivot between face-to-face and remote instruction at some point during the fall semester, we'll be prepared, well in advance, to ensure that your educational experience stays as seamless as possible. Our academic support services will be available along the way,

Michigan Tech's faculty rose to the challenge of suddenly switching to remote instruction with the suspension of face-to-face classes earlier this semester. And, with the help of the Center for Teaching and Learning, they are continuing to incorporate new ideas, creative teaching strategies, and innovative methods for instruction into remote class sessions. Michigan Tech has amazing thinkers, strategists, experimenters, creatives, and most importantly, teachers. MTU Flex will allow students to directly benefit from the strengths of our faculty through an organized system that will take the "what if?" guesswork out of the equation for everyone.

Many of the finer points of MTU Flex are still being finalized. Frequently asked questions are in the works.