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Are you vacating a laboratory or research space on campus? Is your department planning to transition research space to a new researcher or laboratory supervisor? You will want to make sure any maintenance items or safety issues are found before that change takes place.

Research Space Checkout Service

A Research Space Checkout Service is available and free of charge.  6-8 weeks prior to vacating/transitioning the space, simply complete the following 2 steps:


The exiting researcher, laboratory supervisor, or the department (in the PI's absence) completes the

Employee Workspace Cleanout Form


On the Facilities Management website, the department should complete a work order request. When completing the work request, check GENERAL MAINTENANCE & include the following information in the comments box:

  1. Room number being vacated; Responsible Department

  2. Name, email, and phone # of the departing Researcher or Laboratory Supervisor

  3. Name, email, and phone # of the incoming Researcher or Laboratory Supervisor

  4. Date the room is going to be vacated

  5. Date the room is expected to be occupied again

  6. Name of designated contact person (or persons)

Work Order Request

Please note that the Research Space Checkout Service only includes routine maintenance of the laboratory. Alterations, modifications, renovations, or the addition of new services to meet the needs of the incoming researcher will require a separate work order, and will be charged accordingly.

Additional information for Academic Employees and Graduate Students who are leaving Michigan Tech, can be found HERE.