Digital Direct Access

Digital Content for Engineering Fundamentals Courses (ENG 1101, ENG 1102, ENG 1001, ENG 1100)

Digital Direct Access is a collaborative arrangement between Michigan Tech and PEARSON Publishing to make content for the first-year engineering program more affordable, and more interactive.

Digital Direct Access offers:

  • First day access to critical learning resources through Canvas, the standard Michigan Tech learning management system used in most Tech courses
  • Robust interactive digital content for the core first-year engineering textbook (Thinking Like an Engineer), as well as a highly interactive computer platform for practice problems, videos, and so on (MyEngineeringLab)
  • Substantially reduced costs to the students compared to previous print textbooks used in the first-year engineering courses
  • Increased student engagement, especially through immediate feedback on submitted homework
  • No hassle with digital access codes to start

Each of the roughly 1000 students entering engineering at Tech will save $75 compared to the total book charge last year in first-year engineering.

How does Digital Direct Access work?

  1. First-year engineering faculty work with the PEARSON representative and the Michigan Tech Campus Bookstore to coordinate course materials and cost savings.
  2. From the first day of classes, students login to the Canvas system and access their course materials.
  3. The Campus Bookstore charges student accounts on the official add/drop date for the cost of these required course materials. The amount is $149.00 for either alternative to entry-level first-year engineering: ENG 1001 and ENG 1101. The access remains active for two years, meaning that this cost of instructional materials for students in the first-year engineering program is collected only once. There is no additional charge for remaining core courses in the program (ENG 1100, ENG 1102), further increasing savings to students.
  • 1st
    day access to critical learning resources through Canvas
  • $149
    covers two full years of access, replacing $225 in books, a net savings of $75 per student
  • $75K
    cumulative savings by first-year engineering students over last year