Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Safety Acknowledgment Form

If you are an ECE Department employee, which includes anyone paid by the university (faculty, staff, grad student, undergraduate student, or work-study student), you must have a signed safety acknowledgment form on file with the department safety liaison. Signed forms can be brought to the secretaries in ECE room 121 or to the safety liaison in ECE room 727. These forms must be up-dated yearly.

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  1. Always “SAFETY FIRST”!
  2. Always “SAFETY OBSERVANT”.  If unsafe situations are observed report immediately to your supervisor, TA, or professor.  Remedy the situation yourself if you can (pick up the banana peel).
  3. Always “SAFETY CAUTIOUS”. Follow all safety cautions outlined in the various lab procedures.  Observe your basic safety training. Don’t take short cuts to save time. That’s when most accidents happen.