Dennis O. Wiitanen

Dennis O. Wiitanen


  • Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, Michigan Technological University
  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Michigan Technological University


Dennis O. Wiitanen received the B.S. and M.S. degrees from Michigan Tech in 1963 and 1967 respectively, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1970, all in electrical engineering.

In 1970, he joined the electrical and computer engineering department at Michigan Tech, where his major research interests were in the areas of insulating materials and power systems.   Dr. Wiitanen  taught courses in both electric machines and power systems for over forty years.  He is currently a Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Wiitanen is a member of the IEEE's Power Engineering Society, Education Society, Industry Applications Society, and Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society, serving on several committees and subcommittees, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan.

Areas of Interest

  • Electric power systems

Recent Publications

  • Bohmann, L.J., Mork, B.A, Schulz, N.N. and Wiitanen, D.O., "The New Energy Systems Course at Michigan Tech," Proceedings: 29th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 10-13, 1999; pp. 11b6-24.
  • Allan R Hambley, Noel N. Schulz, Martha E. Sloan, Jon A Soper, David Stone and Dennis O. Wiitanen, "Professional Design Laboratories: Bridging the Gap Between Classroom and Industry in the Senior Year," Proceedings of the 1998 ASEE Annual Conference, CD-ROM.
  • Leonard Bohmann, Bruce Mork, Noel Schulz and Dennis Wiitanen, "The development of a New Core Electrical Engineering Course in Energy Processing Systems," Proceedings: Frontiers in Education Conference, Tempe, AZ, Nov. 4-7, 1998, IEEE, p. 79.
  • D.O. Wiitanen, "Power," Principles and Practice of Electrical Engineering, Merle C. Potter, PhD, PE Editor, Okemos, MI., Great Lakes Press, pp. 311-356.
  • C. Potter, PhD, PE Editor, Okemos, MI., Great Lakes Press, pp. 249-254.
  • D.O. Wiitanen, "Book 3 Electrical Engineering: Electric Power," FE/EIT Discipline Review, Merle.
  • B.A Mork and D.O. Wiitanen, "Integration of Professional Skills into the Design Curriculum," Proceedings of the 1996 North Midwest Section ofASEE 58th Annual Meeting, Fargo, ND, October 3-5, 1996, pp. LA-2.1 to I.A-2.6.

Recent Funding

  • 1997-2000 A Multimedia Course in Electric Energy -Pan II, Co-Principal Investigator, EPRI.
  • 1997-2000 A Multimedia Course in ElectJic Energy, Co-Principal Investigator, NSF.
  • 1997-1999 Professional Design Laboratory -Bridging the Gap Between Classroom and Industry, Co¬Principal Investigator, NSF.
  • 1996-1998 An Initiative to Help Michigan in the Transition to a Deregulated Utility Sector, Co¬Principal Investigator, Michigan Tech Research Excellence Fund.
  • 1995-1997 Application of Polymelic Materials in Electrical Insulation Systems, Principal Investigator, Sediver, Inc.
  • 1993 Dissipation Factor Testing, Principal Investigator, Sediver, Inc.
  • 1991 $124,000. CIGRE Fog Chamber Test, Principal Investigator, Sediver, Inc.